Monday, June 25, 2007


We just got an email that our first court hearing is set for Monday August 6th!!!! I have to say I wish it was sooner, but at the same time I'm kinda surprised we heard something this soon. I called our case worker to get a better understanding of what happens next and this is what I found out: About one to two months after this first court hearing will be the Civil Ruling and then about one month later will be the FINAL RULING!!!! So, if all goes well we should be traveling in October or November, December at the latest. I'm just hoping that he'll be home with us for Christmas!!

This is taking longer than we initially thought it would, but in the big picture this is still going to be MUCH shorter than most other programs out there. Most days I have this positive thinking, but I have to admit I was feeling a bit down/annoyed today by the wait and then low and behold, I opened my email and got the info about the hearing!!

In the meantime we'll continue to look forward to our monthly updates, photo's and video's and we'll continue to send Brady care packages to let him know we're thinking about him!!!

Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming!!! We'll keep you all posted.

Friday, June 15, 2007

JUNE PICTURES!!! cute is he???? He's wearing one of the outfits that I sent in May and he's also "hanging out" with the black lab I sent too!!! The outfit I sent was a 3-6 month size and it appears to fit him quite well, so he's definitely growing. Oh, and I love the much like Alan's...they both need haircuts right now!!! : ) Enjoy the pics...if we can figure out how to get the video on here we will, but he still seems a little confused by the camera so he doesn't really do much anyway.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Today I received an email with updates on Brady's growth!! He's definitely growing!! At birth Brady was 7.6lbs and 20 inches long. Today at just over 4 months old (June 5th) he is now 15.5 lbs and 24 inches long!!! He's eating about 4 ounces of formula every 4 hours. While I was disappointed that this information didn't come with pictures I was glad to get the update and I was assured by our case worker that pictures could still be on the way as it's common for these things to come at different times. So, now we wait for pictures AND news on the courts, which could be awhile. Hope to post again soon!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007


Just got word that our dossier has been translated and is on it's way to Taiwan!!!!! I was hoping for the beginning of June and I got my wish!!! I really feel like we've hit a milestone now and I just hope things keep moving along like they have been. Now we wait to hear that we've had a first ruling or hearing, I'm not sure which comes first. I really have no idea how long this could take, there just doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the whole court process. I'll be sure to keep you all posted and whatever thoughts/prayers/rituals you all are doing for us, please keep doing them because it's definitely helping!!!! : ) This is a GREAT way to start our weekend!!