Sunday, July 22, 2007


Here it is!! We finally finished getting everything done. As you can see we've gone with a dog theme, that I just love. The pictures on the wall are some Lady and the Tramp lithographs from the Disney Store that I just happened to have!! Several ( I'm talking 10 or more) years ago the Disney Store would have lithographs that you could reserve or buy so I started getting them and I've got quite the collection, but imagine my surprise when I was going through my stack to see if I had anything that would be appropriate and came across these!! Needless to say I was pretty psyched. One other thing to point out is in the picture with the desk and bookcase... on the desk in the right corner is a Snoopy stuffed animal wearing a blue track suit which was one of my all time favorite things to play with when I was a kid. I even have a bag full of other outfits for him!! Even if Brady isn't in to playing with him I thought it was cool to have him out. Now, if we could just have Brady in these pictures it would be a complete room!!!

Battle of the Bays!!!

Well, would you expect any less from us?? Thanks to our friend Sharleen that we met on our trip to China, Brady now has his very own Packer onesie AND a cheesehead hat(that's Ahman Green's nubmer)!! As much as I don't like the Packers, I think Brady's going to look REALLY cute with that cheese on his head! I keep telling Alan that Brady will be allowed to wear it ONCE, for a picture and that's it!! : ) Of course I'm kidding. He can wear it while watching Packer games with his daddy!! Thanks to my cousin Steve and his wife Gina, Brady has his FIRST(get my drift!!) Bucs jersey(that's Cadillac Williams' number)!! Of course he will be wearing this one ALL THE TIME!!! Maybe his first words will be "GO BUCS" or "TOUCHDOWN", or better yet, "GO RONDE"!!! Whatever it is it WON'T be anything having to do with the Packers!!! : )


Today Alan and I took our second care package to Fed Ex. As you can see, we sent Brady some clothes, books, a rattler (the dog in the blue outfit), a teether (that's the brown dog on the right)and a blanket that we slept with. We also recorded books onto a cd that we are hoping the foster family will play often for Brady. Not in this picture is the photo album that we sent that has pictures of us, both sets of grandparents and a picture of his room that's waiting for him. We also included another disposable camera for the foster family to use. All of this weighed in at 3.5lbs and will get to him by the end of the week. Total cost for this service....$120!!!! Definitely worth it though when we see him in the outifts we send and with the toys we include. It's certainly fun buying all the cute stuff too!! With any luck the next set of update photos will have Brady wearing one of these outfits!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


We got these pictures of Brady late Friday. We just think he's as cute as can be. We also got some developement updates and he seems to be doing everything that a 5 month old should be doing, so we're happy with that news. As hard as the wait is, we're just glad that we get these monthly photo's and updates to keep us going!! Enjoy!! Sorry for the sideways pictures, I don't know how to rotate them!