Saturday, October 31, 2009


Despite the crummy weather here tonight, I think Brady had a fun time trick or treating!! After about 4 or 5 houses I realized it wasn't nearly as cold as I thought it was so we had to remove a layer under Brady's costume and he was so worried I was having him take his costume off, he kept saying, "I want to keep costume on"!!! I hope everyone else had a very Happy Halloween!

He was doing his "ROAR" here!

Instead of saying "trick or treat" he roared at most of the people when they opened the door!! LOL

Yep, I think he's having fun!

About 1/2 way around the block Brady wanted to be carried!!


*I seem to have gotten behind on the blog so I will try and get as up to date as I can before we leave to pick up Emily so look for lots of entries in the next week or so!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


WOO HOO, we just found out today that our Final Ruling has been issued!!! We can pick up Emily on November 19th, so we're working on flights now. We'll probably be there about 10-12 days or so. Needless to say we are VERY VERY excited to go pick up our little girl!!! Not to mention that now I REALLY need to get to work finishing everything that I've been slacking on!! There's gifts to buy, rooms to clean, clothes/toys to pack and the list goes on!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Playground Fun

Just some pics from a morning out at a playground.

Brady loves walking on balance beams/ railroad ties!

I LOVE how his hair just stands straight up!!! LOL

he has gotten SO good at climbing recently so it's really cool to watch him get more and more daring

Family Picture

We took this picture to submit with our dossier and I think it came out pretty well. We seem to not take enough family pictures, usually because I'm behind the camera so I was pleased that my brother managed to get such a good shot!!! (in case anyone is wondering, I am NOT taller than Alan, we just happened to be standing on uneven ground)

The Rest@n Z@@

I've been totally slacking on the blog lately, so these are long over due!! Anyway, a while back Margi and I took our boys to the zoo. This is a really great little neighborhood zoo and Brady has been there several times and he really seems to like it. This particular day the weather was perfect and we had a great time......until Brady got something in his eye. I never did figure out what exactly it was, but I did consider taking him to the DR or the emergency room when it was still bothering him after more than hour. Fortunately after a nap he ended up being fine, but it made for a somewhat difficult morning/afternoon. At least we had fun for a little while!!!

this little piglet was so stinkin' cute!!

it was right after this picture that the eye problem started so I'm not sure if these little goats spit at him or if something just blew into his eye or what. I think this is a super cute picture!!

the boys checking something out!!

the really liked looking at the turtles

Too Cool

For the last month or two Brady has been all about his sunglasses, even in the house!!! It's a good thing he has about 4 pairs of them, because they end up all over the place!! LOL Here's a few cute pics of him in the house with his shades on.

He thinks he's cool, even if they are on upside down!! :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Just found out we had our Civil Ruling on October 4th!!! Yippee!!!! So, this means that we could receive our Final Ruling as quickly as 10 days from now or as long as 6 weeks from now. Obviously I'm hoping we're closer to the 10 days than the 6 weeks!!! Emily, we'll be there SOON!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


I think I am officially getting discouraged with how long the courts are taking with Emily. I'm finding this time around MUCH more difficult and I think that's because I have something to compare it to. Brady's entire court process from Hearing to Final only took 42 days and we've currently been waiting 54 days and still don't have a First Ruling for Emily. I'm just getting this horrible feeling that we've been assigned the judge who takes his sweet old time and we won't have Emily home by Christmas. I was really hoping to have her home by Thanksgiving and given the fact that we had our Court Hearing August 12, there was a chance we could have had her home by Halloween but now that's virtually impossible. These are the times that I wish we were given some more information. If I knew what was going on or why it was taking so long I think I could take the waiting better, but this not knowing anything is just killing me.

I have been obsessing over my Yahoo Group's database and of the 6 families who listed their info or had all of the info, the average wait time from Hearing to First Ruling was 63 days, but the longest wait was 99 days, which means hopefully we'll hear something between October 14th and November 19th. Then the average wait time from First Ruling to Final Ruling was 26 days with the longest being 47 days. This would mean we would hear something between November 9th and November 30th, but it could actually be later than that if we're at the long end for both rulings.
Now I'm feeling even more discouraged!!!! UGH!!!

With any luck my next Emily post will be good news about a ruling!!!!