Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ticonderoga Play Date

A few weeks ago we met our good friends, Julie, Leah and Aaron at one of our favorite places! I am SO glad we "found" this place last year b/c the kids ABSOLUTELY love it and it's open all year round, unlike most of the "farms" around know, the ones with slides, hayrides, and other fun things. And the best part is if we go during the week (or even the weekend really) when there is not a festival, there is NO ONE else there!! We literally have the run of the place and they ask us what time we'd like to go on our hayride!! Here's a look at the fun stuff we did that day. I had my "big lens" on my camera so I couldn't take pics on the hayride and I think Julie has all the pics from the slide, as I was on duty on the top of the hill, helping the kids get situated on their felt mats.

A rare picture of Brady smiling when I'm taking his picture....he's typically not "into" it these days.

monkey see, monkey do!

I'm not really sure what they were looking for, but it was all business!!

Emily wasn't so sure about putting her hands up

But she sure was having fun!

While the big kids did this:

Emily did this!

Brady loves playing these old propane tanks

one of my all time favorites!!!

Emily is VERY into tractors and trucks these days

my handsome boy!

She was watching a bug VERY closely!!! :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hiatus & Summer pics

Guess it's been awhile since I've blogged! I didn't intend to take a hiatus, it just sort of happened and I apologize. I think getting entirely caught up might be a bit overwhelming, so I'm just going to start up with our summer vacation pictures and go forward. So, here goes:

We drove to Florida and got to spend about 3 weeks there in July and August! Alan, the kids and I spent a week in a great beach house where we had so much fun!! At the end of the week, Alan flew back to VA and the kids and I stayed for almost 2 weeks at my parents. At the end of the 2 weeks Alan flew back and we all drove home and I am happy to report we managed to make the drive in one day!! The kids did AWESOME in the car!!

Here's a glimpse of all the fun we had:

We spent LOTS of time in the pool at my parents house

We had a Taiwan play date at my parents house/pool with Shana (from Orlando) and her 3 kiddos and Kathy and Jeff (from Kentucky) and their son. The kids have such a great time together even though we only get together once a year and of course the adults love having the time to catch up!!

We went to the Clearwater Aquarium where we saw "Winter" the dolphin!

We had LOTS of fun on the beach

we went to some really great playgrounds

and we went to the very cool Glazer Children's Museum, which is 100% hands on...the kids LOVED it!

and we attempted a little fishing outing, but it was pretty much a bust....oh well, maybe next time we'll have better luck!