Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Emily turns 1!!!

We had Emily's Birthday party this past Saturday (May 8th) at one of our local county parks. The kids got hot dogs, chips, ice cream, and rides on the carousel and train!! Emily was lucky enough to have 8 of her friends there to help celebrate!!! ( I am sad to say that I probably didn't take enough pictures and the pictures I took didn't come out great b/c my camera was not on the right setting....sigh. I guess I should be happy with what I did get and I know some friends took some pictures so hopefully they'll be sharing them with me!!).

the Birthday girl!!

It was a H*llo Kitty theme

Lunch time!!

time for the train ride!!

heading to the carousel

fun on the carousel

getting ready for cake

mmmm, good!

she's not so sure about this!!

not too messy, not too neat

the clean-up crew (thanks Margi!!)

time to open a few presents

Despite the look on her face, she had a really good time!!! Happy Birthday sweet pea, we love you!!!


Okay, so I know these are really late, but better late than never, right?? :-) Here's a look at how we spent our Easter!!

Brady coloring the eggs.

getting a little help

Here's what the Easter Bunny left this year...Brady got T*y St*ory stuff and Emily got H*llo Kitty stuff.

she was much more interested in this soccer ball egg than she was with her stuff!!


checking things out

just look how happy he is with his T*y St*ry movie!!

The finished eggs made for good breakfast Easter morning!!

Outside Fun

These pictures are from about a month ago or so when the weather was finally nice enough to be outside for awhile. We had a good time just hanging out on the deck playing on the climber and being silly!!

It's not very easy to get 3 people in a "self-portrait"!! LOL

Emily does this quite a bit with all sorts of things...not sure where she picked this up!!


ARRRRRRRRRGH (I think she's practicing for G@sp@rilla!!)

Brady looks SO grown up and handsome here...one of my favorite pictures of him!!!

SO serious!!

it's SO nice when the actually play together!!!