Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Falls Park

Last weekend we went to Great Falls Park. It was pretty much an excuse for me to play around with my "big" camera, but we also had fun "hiking" along the rocks. The park is SO pretty this time of year and it's pretty common to see families taking Christmas card pictures.... so yes, some of these will be on our cards this year too!! LOL

Surprisingly, Emily really loved riding in the backpack carrier

the look on her face here cracks me up!

Brady and the falls

time for some silliness

more silliness....I think Emily is copying me doing the same thing to Alan to get them to smile!! LOL

this is the spot where Alan proposed to me on Dec 5, 1999 (the kids were NOT impressed by this fact)

our little poser...he asked Alan to take this picture

a game of hide and seek

Farm Tour

A few weekends ago we went on a Farm Tour of some local farms that are usually not open to the public. It's so cool to be able to check out some of these farms and the kids absolutely love it!! Our best choice was to stop at a winery for lunch! (the kids got to run around and have fun though too, so it wasn't totally selfish!! LOL) We could not have asked for better weather either, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Our first stop was a "traditional" farm with animals

this picture just says "farm" to me....I love it!

We went with our friends David, Jack, Cassie and Paul

leaves are always fun to play with!

a great spot for some family photos

Cassie, Paul, David and Jack

Next stop was a farm to pick our pumpkins....David and Brady are looking for the perfect one!

Emily protecting our picks!

Brady and I picking out some gourds (it's serious business!!LOL)

Brady, Jack and Emily

It's SO hard to get both kids to smile at the same time (sigh)

LUNCH TIME....the winery (see, Jack's smile is proof the kids had fun!! LOL)

We were the only ones sitting outside so the kids literally had the run of the place

I LOVE this looks like some kind of magazine/catalog add

Another favorite

climbing the fence is all business apparently

pondering some deep thought (I LOVE the blurred partial barn in the background)

and our last stop was an apple's a tough job to carry a bucket of apples

off to find some good apples!

We had so much fun with this, that I've already got the calendar marked for the Spring Farm Tour!!! This is definitely my favorite Fall activity!!!

Fall Festivals

We LOVE Fall around here!! There are SO many Fall Festivals and we really do try to get to lots of them....some more than once! There are just so many things to do....

like swinging on rope swings

going down slides

feeding goats

playing on tractors

climbing on hay forts

posing for pictures with pumpkins

picking out pumpkins

spraying water hoses like the Firefighters

playing in "corn boxes"

taking our picture in front of the giant pumpkin sign (and eating apples!)

and taking a picture with Mommy! :-)

We sure have had LOTS of fun this Fall