Sunday, March 30, 2008


Here's some more pictures from the parade this weekend. A good look at Neptune's float..complete with a bar and bathrooms for both the men and the ladies!!
That's King Randy up there waving just as the parade was getting under way

Daddy and Brady enjoying the music(even though it doesn't really look like it!)

Brady checking things out...we must have been clapping hands here...that's Gayle to the left (who's known me since I was about 11!!!) and you can barely see Grandpa and Stephanie off to the right.

Just a cute picture of Brady enjoying the parade!!


This weekend Brady got to participate in his first parade with Daddy's Krewe, Ye Mystic Krewe of Neptune, at the Chasco Fiesta Parade in New Port Richey, FL. This is a really great parade and the fact that Neptune has made it a family parade is awesome. (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, think Mardi Gras and floats and bead throwing) There were about 100 of us on Neptune's float and I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all!!!

Brady and Ava hanging out before the parade started.

Grandma, Daddy, Brady, Mommy and Grandpa pre-parade

Daddy and Brady during the parade trying to throw some beads to the bystanders
Brady hanging with Mommy and Grandpa on the float towards the end of the parade. He really liked hanging out here because he would wave to the crowds and he was really enjoying the music.
We weren't in the car 10 minutes after the parade before Brady konked out!!! He was such a trooper and really had a great time!!


Okay, so I HATE bananas, I mean REALLY hate bananas! I can't stand the way they smell or the way they sound when people eat them(when you've eaten lunch with several kindergarteners and they are all eating bananas at once you'll understand what I mean), or anything banana flavored...YUCK!!! My mom has been tormenting me by always getting Brady to try them and well, this weekend this is what happened!!!!
There were definitely no kisses for mommy after this snack!!!! Don't worry buddy, mommy stills loves you VERY much, just don't get too close when you're eating bananas with Grandma!!!


We went "home" to Florida this weekend for some Krewe activities, but we also managed to find some time to spend with friends. Sadly, it had been 2 years since we had seen Julie last, when see was pregnant with Leah (who is now in th pictures) and living in Hawaii. Julie and Leah have moved back home to Clearwater while Juie's husband, Matt is on deployment until September. Funny when I think about it, that Julie is pregnant again now...if we keep this schedule up either we'll never see each other again or Julie and Matt are going to have to have a lot of kids!! : ) Anyway, Brady and Leah had fun, sort of, playing with each other. If nothing else, Brady enjoyed playing with toys that he doesn't have at home!!!

Brady and Leah playing with the kitchen

Brady was whipping up something good!!

Mommy, Brady, Julie and Leah after lunch at Moe's

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Easter Bunny made a stop at the Suan house and I think Brady did pretty good for his first Easter!! He got a set of Little People, some books, a stuffed bunny, a blue rubber ducky, a bubble whistle, a Baby Einstein cd and the dvds of 101 Dalmations and Happy Feet.


Brady had his first experience at Peking Gourmet last nightwith Gung Gung, Po Po, Uncle Eric, Aunt Pam, (cousin) Preston and (cousin) Ashley. For those of you who don't know what Peking Gourmet is, let me just say that you're totallly missing out. We had all the usuals; pan fried dumplings, spring rolls, 3 ducks (YES, 3 ducks!!!), singapore noodles, jo yen shrimp (Jeff Bulson..the shrimp rank up there with the leek dumplings from Miami!!), some yummy green beans and fried rice. Brady loved it all and he ate like a champ!!! I swear, our family must think we starve the poor kid the way he eats in public, but I promise you he ate a good breakfast and lunch yesterday!! I think his favorite part was eating the rice out of the tea cup...too cute! We can't wait to go back!!

the pan fried dumplings are AWESOME!!!
Brady's no fool, he totally watched the lady the whole time she was carving the duck!!! He was completely in awe.
mmmm, this rice is good!
Mommy, Brady, Daddy, Gung Gung and Po Po


Here's some more(see video in post below) cute pictures from the tot lot, just so you can see how much fun Brady had.

on the slide with mommy
now, all by myself!!!


Brady received a HUGE box on Friday from my friend Dawn, that I used to work with. She sent some pretty cool birthday gifts, let me tell you!!! Brady LOVES his new Mega Blocks, especially when mommy and daddy build things with him. THANKS Dawn, you ROCK!!! In addition to the blocks and the cool puzzle below, he also got some very cool crayons just for little kids! And we got a beautiful candle...perfect color and nice scent too!! : )

Okay, this puzzle is TOTALLY awesome. I mean just look at it....and the best part, Dawn's husband Paul MADE IT!!!! Needless to say, we were VERY impressed. THANKS PAUL!!


So, we finally figured out how to upload some video and had something worthy of making it to the blog!!! We stopped by the "tot lot" in our neighborhood yesterday so Brady could have some fun. He LOVED it!! The swing was by far his most favorite but he also liked the slides. Hope you enjoy. (oh, and just for the record, that's Alan burping in the backgroud!!)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


We took Brady to the Seminole Pow Wow Parade yesterday morning and had a great time. It's just a little city parade, but Brady loved watching everyone go by and looking at all the "floats", cars, clowns etc. The funniest thing about it is that he/we got far more and far better beads at this parade than we did at the Gasparilla parade a few weeks ago!!!

One of my friends, Frank, who works for the Seminole Fire Department, happened to be in this truck!!


Brady got this awesome rocking chair from Uncle Eric, Aunt Pam, Preston and Ashley for his birthday. It's THE CUTEST chair ever!!! As you can see it's got his name painted on the top and then on the chair part it has a soccer ball, football, baseball and bat on it. Brady took to the chair right away and had a blast sitting in it while Uncle Eric tossed him the yellow ball, he thought that was LOTS of fun!!! Thanks, Eric, Pam, Preston and Ashley...we love you guys!!

Now that the chair is at home, he likes to sit in it while he's watching tv and/or reading books.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, you can't help but notice the FABULOUS changes that have been made to our blog. Thanks to Sarah from Blogovers with Love my blog looks AWESOME!!! Sarah and her husband are waiting to adopt a baby girl from Taiwan and during their adoption process she got involved in digital scrapbooking. She graciously offers to "makeover" blogs and in return you make a donation to a fund that helps orphans in Taiwan. I LOVE what she did and I hope you do too!!!


On Saturday March 1st, my brother, aunt, uncle, cousins(on my mom's side) and their kids all came over for dinner and to see our new house. Of course my mom was still here and my dad had flown in on Wednesday so it was kind of a mini family reunion of sorts!! Alan was supposed to get home that afternoon from Barcelona but he got stuck in Germany due to weather and ended up getting home Sunday afternoon. BUMMER! It was really great to see everyone since I hadn't seen most of them since last July and it's going to be nice living closer to them for future get togethers!! Brady did really well and was happy as usual. Ben playing with Brady and his toys
Ben, Greg and Brady playing. I never realized that boys who will be 11 and 12 later this year would be so happy to play with a baby. It was really fun to watch Brady with them!

Brady opening a box of goodies that Great Aunt Nancy had brought down from PA.

Brady playing with one of the puzzles
Brady having fun playing with the maraca that was in the box of goodies.


Some cute pictures of Brady thoroughly enjoying a chocolate chip cookie one afternoon after lunch.