Sunday, March 30, 2008


Okay, so I HATE bananas, I mean REALLY hate bananas! I can't stand the way they smell or the way they sound when people eat them(when you've eaten lunch with several kindergarteners and they are all eating bananas at once you'll understand what I mean), or anything banana flavored...YUCK!!! My mom has been tormenting me by always getting Brady to try them and well, this weekend this is what happened!!!!
There were definitely no kisses for mommy after this snack!!!! Don't worry buddy, mommy stills loves you VERY much, just don't get too close when you're eating bananas with Grandma!!!

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Tina said...

No, No, No Brady!!!! Just say NO to the banana!!!! Bananas are horrible, smelly, slimy things that should NEVER pollute your sweet, smiley mouth. Just a little life lesson. . .