Tuesday, March 4, 2008


On Saturday March 1st, my brother, aunt, uncle, cousins(on my mom's side) and their kids all came over for dinner and to see our new house. Of course my mom was still here and my dad had flown in on Wednesday so it was kind of a mini family reunion of sorts!! Alan was supposed to get home that afternoon from Barcelona but he got stuck in Germany due to weather and ended up getting home Sunday afternoon. BUMMER! It was really great to see everyone since I hadn't seen most of them since last July and it's going to be nice living closer to them for future get togethers!! Brady did really well and was happy as usual. Ben playing with Brady and his toys
Ben, Greg and Brady playing. I never realized that boys who will be 11 and 12 later this year would be so happy to play with a baby. It was really fun to watch Brady with them!

Brady opening a box of goodies that Great Aunt Nancy had brought down from PA.

Brady playing with one of the puzzles
Brady having fun playing with the maraca that was in the box of goodies.

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Rob & Karin said...

Hi Beth,
The new blog design is beautiful! I love the brown and light blue combination. Brady is as adorable as ever, and getting so big! He still has the greatest smile! Hope all is going well in your new home!