Saturday, October 30, 2010

Local Fall Festival

We went to a city Fall Festival with our friends, Cassie, Paul and David at the beginning of October. The weather was just PERFECT and there were plenty of fun things to do! One of the coolest things we did was get Brady a photo ID from the county Police Department. His fingerprints are now "on file" or "in the system" and I have an ID similar to a drivers license for him in case, God forbid, anything were to happen to him. Unfortunately they said Emily was too young, so I guess we'll have to get her one next year.

Brady and Alan listening to Brady's favorite band, Rocknoceros.

one of the first stops of the morning....the Fire Department so Alan.... I mean Emily, could try her hand at using the fire hose!

Look at our little firefighter!

She also got to sit in a fire engine! (oddly, Brady was not interested in any of this)

he did, however, like all the lawn mowers!

Brady and David riding together

Paul, David and Brady

Finally, at the end of the day, Brady decided he wanted to try the fire hose!

Another fun day was had by all of us!

Brady, Grandma and Pop Pop

Just a few pictures of my parents with Brady from their visit in September. Emily was asleep, so unfortunately we didn't get any with her in them. We REALLY need to be better about taking pictures when family is around.....this time I'll blame it on my knee!! :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For the past 2 months, if not longer, Brady has been talking about going to Canada!! We're not really sure where he even heard/learned about Canada but we have two, Canada is mentioned in a song that we listen to fairly often (the name of course is escaping me at the moment) and the second is his talking globe, but with Brady, who knows!! LOL This trip he is planning on taking is quite important to him and he seems to have it all mapped out. He talks about "paperwork" that needs to be done before he goes; he says he'll have to wear dress socks and that he's going to work in a building like daddy; he has two backpacks packed and ready to go; he says he'll miss us and that he wants us to visit; he talks about the food he'll eat and who will be cooking it; he says he's taking an airplane to get there; he says he'll need to take an extra bag for all the stuff he plans on buying and I'm sure there are a million other things that I can't remember at this particular moment!!! One day last week he came in our room and woke me up saying excitedly, "guess what today is"? I answered, "I don't know" and he then said, "It's CANADA DAY"!!!

Needless to say, Alan and I are wondering if we need to put Canada on next year's vacation list!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We went to the Fall Festival at Cox Farms on September 25th with my parents who were in town to help out a bit while I recovered from my knee surgery. This is an event we look forward to all year and we usually go at least twice!! The kids have so much fun and for that matter so do we!! I mean how can you NOT have fun when there's a hay ride, petting zoo, corn maze, free apples and apple cider, kettle corn and a free pumpkin when you leave??? :-) OH, and I almost forgot about the slides!!! Fun for everyone!!!

a little daddy/daughter love to start the day!

Emily loved the hayride once we realized she didn't like the hay touching her feet!! LOL

Brady and Pop Pop

Emily LOVED the slides.....Alan said she giggled the whole way down! And I saw a smile every time they reached the bottom!

Brady got one ride with daddy, then for the rest of the day he was with.....

Pop Pop!! My dad rode the slides with Brady b/c I couldn't.

I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!

playing in the "corn box"

the annual growth chart picture!

Brady LOVED all the lawn mowers!!!

the kids really loved this slide!! Brady "made" my dad go down 3 times!!

Emily was good at sharing the apple with daddy!

funny, cute and gross all at the same time!! :-)

my cute boy!

Emily did NOT cooperate at all when it came to the posed pictures!! (but it's cute anyway!)

A fun day had by all!!!