Sunday, October 10, 2010


We went to the Fall Festival at Cox Farms on September 25th with my parents who were in town to help out a bit while I recovered from my knee surgery. This is an event we look forward to all year and we usually go at least twice!! The kids have so much fun and for that matter so do we!! I mean how can you NOT have fun when there's a hay ride, petting zoo, corn maze, free apples and apple cider, kettle corn and a free pumpkin when you leave??? :-) OH, and I almost forgot about the slides!!! Fun for everyone!!!

a little daddy/daughter love to start the day!

Emily loved the hayride once we realized she didn't like the hay touching her feet!! LOL

Brady and Pop Pop

Emily LOVED the slides.....Alan said she giggled the whole way down! And I saw a smile every time they reached the bottom!

Brady got one ride with daddy, then for the rest of the day he was with.....

Pop Pop!! My dad rode the slides with Brady b/c I couldn't.

I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!

playing in the "corn box"

the annual growth chart picture!

Brady LOVED all the lawn mowers!!!

the kids really loved this slide!! Brady "made" my dad go down 3 times!!

Emily was good at sharing the apple with daddy!

funny, cute and gross all at the same time!! :-)

my cute boy!

Emily did NOT cooperate at all when it came to the posed pictures!! (but it's cute anyway!)

A fun day had by all!!!


Joe and Jane said...

Fun! We hit a farm this weekend too. They are so perfect for kids! So did any of the corn go into Emily's mouth?

michelle said...

Thanks for sharing these fall festival pictures. Looks like a lot of fun, especially the slides.

fezzi. said...

Nice blog!

Maybe you would like mine too?


Stefanie said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!! Love Emily's hat, BTW. Your family picture turned out great :-) Glad you are having fall fun!