Monday, July 20, 2009


I just had to share these 2 stories with everyone!!!

One day last week Brady and I were in the basement and he was playing with his *Little People* nativity set. He proceeded to get up and go get his Story of Christmas book from his bookcase and and then he announced, "this baby same in book" or something close to that!!!! Needless to say, I was taken aback!!

Then today in the car he was totally just chilling in his car seat. In fact I was a little worried he might fall asleep he was so relaxed! Anyway, I was on the phone with my mom and then I hear him say, "same mommy puter (computer)", and I'm trying to figure out what he's talking about and I asked if he meant that the car in front of us was the same color, but then he says, "song same as mommy puter" and I'm desperately trying to figure out what he's talking about and then it dawns on me that the song on the radio (*1,2,3,4* by the *Plain White T's*) is on my blog and we listened to it the day I uploaded, which was at least 2 weeks ago!!!! This kid never ceases to amaze me!!!! Boy am I in trouble!!! LOL

She's Growing & First Care Package

I know neither has anything to do with the other, but it seemed like a good idea to pair them!! LOL

We got updated measurements of Emily today. She is now (at almost 12 weeks) 9.7 lbs and 20.86 inches long!!! Hard for me to imagine if that is big or little at her age, I guess I need to compare that to Brady at the same age.

I also found out that the dress Emily is wearing in the July update photos is one that a fellow blogette left at TWCA and is a size 0-3 months, so that helps a bit.

I mailed Emily's first care package today via the US mail. I did this primarily to save money as *Fedex* and *Ups* can easily be over $100!! I only spent $47 today but I will have no way of knowing if the package gets there unless I see something in the next set of update pictures, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I KNOW I totally overdid it with the care package, but I've been buying boy clothes for almost 2 years now, so it was LOTS of fun to pick out little girl things!!!(and my mom sent a few things for her as well) We sent 3 dresses, 4 onesies, 3 t-shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of pants, a sleeper, a photo album with pics of the 3 of us and the grandparents, a dragonfly rattle/crunchy toy, a blanket we slept with for the past week and a giraffe that Brady picked out for Emily. All of the clothes are 3 month size so it will be interesting to see if she's wearing any of them next month.

The contents of the care package

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We received an email from our agency letting us know that Emily's Court Hearing will be on August 12th!!!! Interestingly, this is 2 years and 6 days after Brady's Court Hearing, which means there's a VERY GOOD chance that we will travel before the end of the year to pick up Emily!! It's SO hard to say how the courts will move, but seeing as how our dossier (paperwork) only got to Taiwan on June 29th, I was quite surprised to already be notified of a court date. 

For comparison, here is how we moved along in the courts with Brady:

Dossier arrived in Taiwan on 6/1/07
Hearing Date on 8/6/07
First Ruling on 8/22/07
Final Ruling on 9/14/07
Gotcha Day on 10/1/07

SO, if by chance we get/got the same judge we had last time we could certainly be traveling in October or early November to meet Emily!!!! OH how I want her home for Christmas!!!!!

FYI, Mom and might not be going on that cruise you have booked for October!!!! Or maybe you'll be coming directly here once you get off the ship!!!

Emily's July Update Pics!!

The wait for these update pics was very frustrating, but I'm glad we finally have them!!!! I found out at 3 pm that our agency had received them, but we didn't get them til almost 6:30!!!!! As you can see, her cheeks are still GINORMOUS!!!! LOL We love them!!!! And I'm very impressed with the dress she is in as it's not something we sent. We think she's just adorable!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Brady really seems to like cooking and often imitates me while I cook dinner, so this past Friday I thought it would be fun to make pizza at home!! I went to the store and got some *boboli* crusts and the toppings of choice....pepperoni for Brady and veggie for me (Alan will eat anything so he didn't really care!!). As you can see by the pictures Brady LOVED it and I have to say as I make this entry on Tuesday, Brady and I actually made pizza again tonight because he asked to!!!! I apologize for amount of pictures to this entry, but there are two reasons for that; first he was just SO cute and proud of himself, and SO very focused that I couldn't decide what to cut out and second, after 2+ years of having the blog, I just figured out how to have more than 5 pictures on one post!!!! LOL

getting ready to start

starting with the cheese

"this is fun"!!


on to the pepperoni

this was a very precise process and each pepperoni had to be place "just so"

see, I told you he was he's using 2 hands to get it in the right place!!

he asked to put peppers on the pizza (he loves to eat them raw), but as you can see (barely) he only put ONE on the entire pizza!!! LOL

now on to the second pizza


adding the peppers

we also added mushrooms, black olives and onions

like any good chef, he had to try some of the ingredients!!

getting ready to cut the finished pizzas!!!


Last Wednesday Margi, Kristi and I took all the kids to see *Curious George* at the movie theater!! One of the big chains offers free movies every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer and I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to see if Brady could "handle" going to the movies. I am happy to report that he did remarkably well especially considering that we had to first wait in line, then had to sit in our seats for at least 30 minutes before the movie actually started!!! The popcorn and fruit punch definitely helped, but nonetheless, I'm VERY proud of him!!!

Poor thing isn't heavy enough to hold the seat down and he didn't want me to hold it down with my hand so he was sitting a "V"!!! (you can see Blake and Ty down the row)

POPCORN!!!!! I know it looks like he was watching the movie here, but he's just watching the adds!!! LOL

An attempt to get everyone in the picture!!! Brady was definitely happy with his popcorn!!!


We spent our 4th of July weekend painting our kitchen and family room. I have HATED the walls since the day we moved in and it actually irritated more and more the longer we were here. I would say the "color" was like a dirty cement or something equally as unpleasant!!  SO, I decided since Alan had an extra day off from work we should use that time wisely because I know we won't have much time to do stuff like this once we bring Emily home!! LOL 

I had wanted to use the same color that my cousin had used, which was called Buffed, however when I went to HD to get the paint I found out that it was no longer available unless you had something you could color match. So, I found some paint swatches I liked and taped them to walls.  Alan and I finally decided on one we liked...... until I painted some patches on different wall areas and we had a few days to look at them!!! So, I went back to HD and tried one called Peanut Butter and slapped that on the walls next to the other colors for comparison. We both definitely liked this better, although I was still a bit unsure we decided to take the plunge and boy, am I GLAD we did!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! It TOTALLY warms up the room and brings it into this century!!! LOL Now the only thing left to do is get some window treatments...UGH!!!! :-)

Kitchen "before" and you can see the 3 different colors we were testing.

Family room "before"

A large area of "testing" to make sure we liked it

Brady was a BIG help!!!

Kitchen "after"

Family room "after"


Kristi, Margi and I took our kids to the National Zoo one day last week and had a great time!! Well, once we got there, anyway!!! Sometimes the GPS doesn't make much sense, that's for sure!! We finally got to the zoo around 11 or so and we did a pretty good job of seeing as much as we could. The kids seemed to like pretty much everything, so there wasn't a stand out favorite animal. They definitely all enjoyed the ice cream at the end of the day though and I have to say that Blake was VERY nice to offer Brady a bite of his *dippin dots* after he told me he didn't want any!!!! ( I had planned to find another type of ice cream for him, but we never saw anything....DOH!!!) And then Kristi was nice enough to give him the rest of hers, so he definitely lucked out!!!

Kyle, Brady, Blake and Kayla

Feeding time!!

Kyle and Brady turtle watching!!

OMG, this tiger was SO funny!!! He was definitely looking for someone or something. In this picture he is looking through the little 8x8 window in the door. He finally gave up and went on with his day.

This guy was pretty darn cute and seemed to be a ham!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Funny Story

This is the conversation that took place between me and Brady today when I went in to get him up from his nap.

Me: Hi Peanut
B: Hi mommy
Me: did you sleep well?
B: yes. then points to his friends (stuffed animals) and says, "watching tv".
Me: Oh, you're watching tv with your friends?
B: yes (then proceeds to line them all up on the side and back of his crib)
Me: what are you watching
B:golf, tennis
Me: you're watching golf and tennis?
B: no golf
Me: so you're just watching tennis?
B: yep
Me: who's winning
B: Tiger Woods!!!!! (at least he had the right winner, even if it was the wrong sport!!!)

I just laughed!!!! Obviously you can tell what we watched this weekend!!! LOL I should point out that on Sunday while the golf tournament was on, Brady says out of nowhere, "Tiger Woods", while Tiger was on the tv screen!!!!! NO IDEA where here learned that....I mean it's not like we were pointing him out and saying, "there's Tiger Woods". The stuff these kids pick up never ceases to amaze me!!!!


Last week Margi, Kristi and I took all the kids to Burke Lake Park for a wonderful morning of fun!!! We started the morning playing on the playground waiting for the train and carousel to open. We decided to ride the train first and WOW did it go fast!!!! I was not prepared for that either, so I was a bit startled!! LOL Anyway, you can see in the pictures that Brady LOVED it!! He's already asking to go back!!! After we rode the train we rode the carousel, which was also fun. We ended the day with a nice picnic lunch!!!! It was a wonderful way to spend a lovely day outside!!

Brady on the train

getting ready to go through the tunnel

Mommy and Brady on the train

Doug, Kayla, Kyle and Brady

Kyle, Kayla, Doug and Brady on the carousel

Dad's Day with the Kids

A few weekends ago, I got to have a Girls Day Out, which meant Alan had Brady all day long!!! He and one of the other husbands, Mark, got all the boys together and made a day of it!!! I think it was a win win for all involved!!! The boys(all ages) had a great time hanging out and playing and the girls had a fun day of shopping, eating and seeing The Proposal!!! I'm ready to plan to next one already!!! LOL

The boys first stop, bowling!!! Brady is still talking about it!!! LOL

a little tree climbing at a music festival in the evening

Brady and Mark horsing around

The boys being cute!

More climbing!!