Saturday, July 26, 2008


This is a short little video I took of Brady, Ty and Blake when I was watching Ty and Blake while Margi was at the eye doctor. It's so cute to watch Brady play with other kids because you can just see the wheels in his head spinning as he carefully watches, then does what the others are doing. FYI, to hear the video, you have to pause the playlist song on the left.


Alan and I think it's funny that Brady "hangs on" to the car seat like this...makes me think he's ready for a roller coaster!!


Earlier this week, Margi and I took our boys to House of Bounce and we all had a great time!! I guess what I didn't realize before we went was the workout that I would get from having to do everything with Brady!! The next day my back and shoulders were SO sore!! Next time, Daddy's going with us!! : )

This is one of the first things he was just a big bounce thing, but he liked it!!

Mommy and Brady coming down the big slide!

Brady and Margi coming down the big slide!

This is towards the end of our day when Brady was done with bouncing but Margi's boys were still bouncing away. Brady pulled our back pack across the floor and had a grand ol time doing it!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Just a few pictures of our weekend....nothing too exciting, but since I have pictures I figured I'd post them. Enjoy!!

The chaise part of our couch has become Brady's favorite place to hang out...he can't get up there by himself yet, so he goes over to it and yells...kind of funny!!

Daddy and Brady reading in his favorite spot.

This is a new thing...when he has shorts on that have pockets he likes to walk around with his hands in his them...very cute, although I can hear my mom now, "Brady! Take your hands out of your pocket!!" (she says that to my dad A LOT!!)

We have a celebrity among us!!!

Daddy and Brady reading more books.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Just a few pictures I never posted and some more from earlier today.

We ordered Chinese food one night while my mom was here and Brady LOVED his eggroll, which was news to us!!

Apparently Brady thinks it's appropriate to put his feet on the table when he eats!!! Guess we need to work on that!!

One morning Brady walked over from his toy chest with this bucket on his head but of course by the time I turned the camera on and clicked he was already taking it off. I think it's funny though becuase Ioften put that bucket on my head to be silly, so I guess he's been paying attention!!

We've been wiping his nose a lot lately, so I guess he's learned what to do with a tissue!! He's way too smart for his own good!! : )

He cries!!!! Yep, this is because I told him he had to sit on his bottom on the couch and he wouldn't do it, so I put him on the floor and this is the result!!! (I'll have you know that when I took the camera out and pointed it at him to take his picture he started shaking his head "no"!!) Like I said, he's too smart for his own good!!


Just a few pictures from the this morning after we got home from the grocery store.

Brady and Chelsea "playing" together!!

hmmmm, which toy should I get?......

I think I'll play soccer!!

Lately, Noah's Ark has been one of Brady's favorite toys to play with. He likes putting the animals behind the gate.

Brady wouldn't look at me and smile for anything...well I should have promised ice cream, then he would have, but this was the best smile I could get!!!


Well after 15 1/2 hours my mom, Chelsea and I made it home!! I'm happy to say that it was an uneventful trip and we got very lucky with the weather and traffic. Chelsea did well too, once she realized she was in for a long ride!!! I think at first she thought she was just going to our old house or something because she was very excited. After a few hours of driving she finally settled in and relaxed. Things are going well here at the house too. I was worried how she'd do with the stairs since we had a one level house in Tampa, but she's managing them like she's been doing it her whole life. Brady is happy to have her here, that's for sure!! Chelsea goes into his room with me every morning and most afternoons after nap and he always has a HUGE smile on his face when he sees cute!!! He's still calling her "dog", so I'm working on teaching him "Chelsea" but we'll see how that ends up coming out!!!

Not sure how long we'd been traveling at this point, but you can tell she's pretty bored!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

HI/ EYE!!???

I just read a fellow bloggette's(Stefanie) blog which made me think of something. For awhile now Brady has been able to point out his nose, ears, piggies, shoes, socks, shorts, mouth and hair when asked where those are. We have also been trying to show him where his eyes are too, but he never seemed to quite "get it". Then the last two days that I've walked into his room to get him up (either in the morning or after a nap) and greeted him with the standard "HI" that I usually do, he has very carefully pointed to his eye and said "eye"!!! He also did the same today when Alan walked through the door and said "HI". As my dad said, I guess we better start saying "Hello" instead!!! Pretty cute, I think!!!


Later today I am flying to Florida so that I can FINALLY bring Chelsea home!!! After researching flying/shipping Chelsea up here, to the tune of close to $1,000, we decided that it would be cheaper for me to fly home, rent an SUV and drive her here. Luckily for me, I was able to talk my mom into driving up with me and then flying back a few days later. My mom, Chelsea and I will make the 14 hour drive up on'll be a long day, but it'll be worth it and it's been a long time coming!

I can't wait to see the look on Brady's face once Chelsea is here as he LOVES to look at her picture on my cell phone!! There are times that we talk about Chelsea and he says, "dog", so I know he knows who she is. The last time we were at my parents he kept giving her kisses, which was super cute.

This will be the longest amount of time that I'll be away from Brady, so that's going to be interesting too....for both of us! I was putting him down for his nap today and saying good-bye in case he's still asleep when I leave and I was getting more upset than I anticipated I would, so I hope I don't turn into a basket case on the plane!! I'm also curious to see how Brady and dad do for 2 1/2 days alone, without mommy...if only I could be a fly on the wall!!! I'm not sure what Alan has planned for the two of them, but I'm sure they will manage to have some fun!!

Chelsea....Mommy's on her way!!!! We can't wait to FINALLY have you home with us!! (sorry mom and dad..I know you were hoping we'd leave her there, but our house just doesn't feel right without her here!!!)

Saturday, July 5, 2008


This afternoon we got together with several of our friends(thanks for hosting Jenny and Sean!!) and all of our kids for a little cookout. It was so nice to see everyone somewhere other than a soccer field(all of us moms play soccer together) and have a chance to actually talk and catch up. It was also a good chance for Alan to get to know the other husband's a bit better, and as far as I could tell, he fit right in!! The nicest part was that for much of the afternoon the men hung out with the kids in the basement while we girls hung out upstairs chatting and having a few cocktails!! I'm happy to report that all of the kids (6 not counting baby Meg) got along very well and seeing as how the other 5 know each other quite well, they were very good with Brady and let him play along with them! I really hope we can do this again sometime sooner than later!!
Norman (sitting in brown shirt) referees the kids trying to catch butterflies.

"Officer" Brady in the police cruiser talking on the radio!

Baby Meg!!

Liam hamming it up for my camera!!

We somehow got all of the kids (minus baby Meg) to sit for a picture at the end of the evening! From L to R: Top row: Nyah, Mia and Ewan; Bottom row: Brady, Liam and Andy


'We had a nice day celebrating the 4th of July! It started off going to Monica and Vivianne's to swim and have some lunch. Let me just say to all of our friends back home in FL with pools, that if you come to VA and someone tells you the water is warm, DO NOT believe them!!! HOLY COW, I was pretty surprised how cold the water was seeing as it's been quite hot here lately, not to mention when we were home last (about 2 weeks ago) the pool water in FL was like bath water!!! Once we got over the initial shock it was fine though. Despite the cold water we had a good time. THANKS guys, we look forward to our next swim outing!!

After we left Monica and Viv's house we went to my cousin Steve's in MD. We had a nice time just hanging out and visiting and playing the Wii!! I have no pictures to document the good time we had (not sure who was supposed to be in charge of that!), but I assure you, we had fun and are looking forward to the next family gathering!!

Mommy helping me ride the alligator

Brady's not too sure he likes the alligator anymore!!

just chillin after we got out of the pool

I LOVE looking at the fish, especially when someone (Monica) holds me up so I can see them better!


I caught Brady tyring to take his shorts off in the middle of the kitchen the other day, which I thought was pretty funny. I guess I'll have to let him run around in just his shirt and diaper more often!! Then not long after he was finished stripping, he decided to take all of his bibs out of the drawer and decorate the floor with them!!!

hmmm, now how do I get this leg out?

I'm getting closer!
"what mom ? I'm just trying to take my shorts off".

Take a look at his handiwork!!! At least he kept them all pretty closer together and not too far away from the drawer they belong in!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I was talking to my mom today and she made a comment about the fact that there were no new pictures of Brady on the blog(mind you my last post was last week, so I didn't think it had been too long), so I took that as a hint and decided to upload a few. The real reason I haven't posted prior to today though is that Brady had a little "mishap" and banged his nose pretty good so he wasn't really "picture ready", but I'm happy to report that he has healed nicely and is again ready to be in front of the camera!! Here's a few pictures taken just before the nose incident and then some from today.

One morning last week at breakfast he decided that he wanted my bagel instead of the waffle that I had fixed for him. It was pretty funny to watch him eat it from the center out!!!

Taking his new car for a spin!

Trying to get out without unbuckling the seatbelt. Brady doesn't particularly like hats but I'm happy to say that he did keep it on for most of the ride today, but I think that's only because he was holding the steering wheel most of the time.

Apparently Brady didn't like the way I had his things organized on the shelf and decided to take things into his own hands!