Saturday, July 5, 2008


'We had a nice day celebrating the 4th of July! It started off going to Monica and Vivianne's to swim and have some lunch. Let me just say to all of our friends back home in FL with pools, that if you come to VA and someone tells you the water is warm, DO NOT believe them!!! HOLY COW, I was pretty surprised how cold the water was seeing as it's been quite hot here lately, not to mention when we were home last (about 2 weeks ago) the pool water in FL was like bath water!!! Once we got over the initial shock it was fine though. Despite the cold water we had a good time. THANKS guys, we look forward to our next swim outing!!

After we left Monica and Viv's house we went to my cousin Steve's in MD. We had a nice time just hanging out and visiting and playing the Wii!! I have no pictures to document the good time we had (not sure who was supposed to be in charge of that!), but I assure you, we had fun and are looking forward to the next family gathering!!

Mommy helping me ride the alligator

Brady's not too sure he likes the alligator anymore!!

just chillin after we got out of the pool

I LOVE looking at the fish, especially when someone (Monica) holds me up so I can see them better!


Lori said...

Hey Beth,

It's been a bit since I popped in and I can't believe how big Brady is getting! What a total sweetie pie! Love all the photos...he is such an awesome little boy. Glad things are settling in after your move.

Shana said...

Sounds like you had fun! I agree, Northerners idea of "warm" water is not a Floridian's idea of "warm". -Shana