Friday, July 18, 2008


Just a few pictures I never posted and some more from earlier today.

We ordered Chinese food one night while my mom was here and Brady LOVED his eggroll, which was news to us!!

Apparently Brady thinks it's appropriate to put his feet on the table when he eats!!! Guess we need to work on that!!

One morning Brady walked over from his toy chest with this bucket on his head but of course by the time I turned the camera on and clicked he was already taking it off. I think it's funny though becuase Ioften put that bucket on my head to be silly, so I guess he's been paying attention!!

We've been wiping his nose a lot lately, so I guess he's learned what to do with a tissue!! He's way too smart for his own good!! : )

He cries!!!! Yep, this is because I told him he had to sit on his bottom on the couch and he wouldn't do it, so I put him on the floor and this is the result!!! (I'll have you know that when I took the camera out and pointed it at him to take his picture he started shaking his head "no"!!) Like I said, he's too smart for his own good!!


Shana said...

Wow, he is a smartie pants, but ohhh so cute!

K said...

I love the crying picture. You need to frame that.