Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I was talking to my mom today and she made a comment about the fact that there were no new pictures of Brady on the blog(mind you my last post was last week, so I didn't think it had been too long), so I took that as a hint and decided to upload a few. The real reason I haven't posted prior to today though is that Brady had a little "mishap" and banged his nose pretty good so he wasn't really "picture ready", but I'm happy to report that he has healed nicely and is again ready to be in front of the camera!! Here's a few pictures taken just before the nose incident and then some from today.

One morning last week at breakfast he decided that he wanted my bagel instead of the waffle that I had fixed for him. It was pretty funny to watch him eat it from the center out!!!

Taking his new car for a spin!

Trying to get out without unbuckling the seatbelt. Brady doesn't particularly like hats but I'm happy to say that he did keep it on for most of the ride today, but I think that's only because he was holding the steering wheel most of the time.

Apparently Brady didn't like the way I had his things organized on the shelf and decided to take things into his own hands!

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Rob & Karin said...

What a little cutie sitting on the shelf! Hope he's all better after the nose-banging incident.