Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No pictures

I am having problems getting certain pictures to upload, so I thought this was a good excuse to blog about how Brady is doing  in general....something I probably don't do enough!

Brady's talking never ceases to amaze me (well us, really) and lately it seems as though almost every day he is saying something new or making some connection between things.  I think he talks very well for a two year and others seem to agree with me, but I don't really have anyone to compare him to. I have to say that one of the things I am most proud of at this point is his manners! He's very good about saying "please" and "thank you" and people have actually commented on this. 

The other day Brady and I were in the car coming home from somewhere and he saw the mail truck so he asked, "this mommy?" and I said, "oh, that's the mail truck" and then he says "post man"!!!! Needless to say I was quite shocked at the connection he made. 

We've been working on being safe in parking lots for the last month or so. We tell Brady that he has to hold our hand in the parking lot because it's dangerous etc. Well, it just so happened that Yo Gabba Gabba (his favorite tv show) had an episode talking about this very same thing!!!!  Now if Brady doesn't want to hold my hand I say, "what does Gabba say" and Brady will say, "lots cars, hurt, mommy hand", which translates to "there are lots of cars and I can get hurt so I have to hold mommy's hand".

A few weeks ago we were sitting at the dinner table and without any conversation prompting this, Brady says to me, "thanks cooking mommy"!!!! It was the sweetest thing!!! Lately he's also been thanking me for changing his diaper, getting him dressed, putting shoes on, you name it. 

Earlier this month Brady and I went to buy Mother's Day cards for my mom and Alan's mom and to also buy birthday cards for several people. While we were in the store I was telling Brady who all we were buying cards for and he would repeat every one's name. So then we're in the car on the way home and he says, "cards, Gramma, Po Po, Daddy, Kristi, else?" He knew we bought more cards than that but couldn't remember the other names so he was asking who ELSE we bought cards for!!! 

One final story, that I find funny. Brady now knows what a McDonalds looks like and is sure to point out everyone of them while driving!! "Mommy, donalds, eieio"!!!! Yeah, he's confusing his 2 "Donalds", but I think it's cute. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to explain to him that Ronald MacDonald and Old MacDonald are NOT the same person!!!LOL

Mother's Day

We happened to be in Florida for Mother's Day so we got to spend the day with my mom, which was nice. (although I realized we didn't take any pictures with her in them....OOPS!!!) We had a very nice dinner at Salt Rock Grill!!

Brady enjoying his ice cream!!! He ate his entire plate of popcorn shrimp, so this was much deserved!!!

He LOVES ice cream!!!

Brady and Alexander

Brady and Daddy

Brady and Mommy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Towards the end of the Baby Shower Brady decided to put his feet in the pool and lots of splashing resulted in us stripping him down to his diaper so he could have some real fun!!!

So cute!!

I asked Brady to stick his stomach OUT and this is what he did!!! LOL

I have NO IDEA what happened here, but this picture CRACKS ME UP!!!!LOL

Having a blast!!

So happy!!!


A few weekends ago we went to Florida so we could go to a Baby Shower for our very good friends Donna and Kevin. It was SO nice to see so many of our friends again and it REALLY makes us miss Florida!! The Baby Shower was tons of fun and wish Donna and Kevin only the best!!

Brady running around looking for lizards....he's fascinated by them!

He LOVED playing with the kitchen that the hosts 3 kids have.... so much so that I think Santa may have to deliver one to our house later this year!

Having some peanuts with Daddy

Playing on the play set outside. (for the record, I'm not sure if Alan is hiding behind Brady or if it just looks that way!!! LOL)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Soccer Tots

Brady has been going to Soccer Tots for the past 8 weeks or so. Of course, those of you who know me well, know that this was ALL my idea since I played soccer from the time I was 6 until about 10 years ago and I've been playing again since we moved back to Virginia! I was excited to see how Brady would do, if he would like it and really what all they would do with 2 year olds. After the first class I wasn't so sure this would be a good idea. The "teacher" didn't impress me too much, there was only 1 other kid in the class, the surface of the facility is a hard plastic because it's an indoor hockey rink (something I didn't know when I signed him up) and I thought the drills were pretty ridiculous. BUT, after 8 weeks I've decided that Brady really did enjoy it and get quite a bit out of it, so much so that I plan to sign him up for the next session.(I do plan on going to another facility that is an actual indoor soccer place so it'll be turf fields). I would say that Brady's 3 favorite things to do at soccer are popping bubbles (I still haven't figured out how this drill instills anything soccer related!!), playing with balloons (they bounce them off their heads, kick them and use their thigh), and getting stamps at the end!!! I should also mention that the coach has said on more than one occasion that Brady runs fast, which will be good for a soccer player!!  He talks about soccer quite a bit now and can point out a soccer ball with ease. In fact the other day we went to Dicks (a sporting goods store here) and he quickly said "soccer ball" after getting out of the car....turns out they have several balls in their logo that he saw on the store front... I hadn't even noticed it!!! I'm excited to watch him grow and develop and hopefully come to love soccer as much as I do!!

about to score a goal!

kicking the cones!! I didn't list this as one of his favorites, but he does like this drill too!

once they kick all the cones down, they then have to go set them up with their feet.  At first Brady always held my hand to do this, now he tells me, "I do it"!!

With form like this, maybe he'll be a forward like his mommy!!! :-)

Japanese Dinner

Last Saturday the 3 of us went out for Tappanyaki. I was thinking it was Brady's first time, but I guess I forgot that Alan has taken him before with his parents. Either way, Brady had a good time although he was a bit scared of the fire at first!! The pictures will show that he LOVES the food, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure he ate about 4 or 5 shrimp, almost the entire bowl of soup, rice and some veggies. I swear if he keeps this up, I'm going to have to get a part time job just to support his eating habits!!! LOL

This kid LOVES soup....and he does really good with the Asian type spoons!

smoke and fire is coming....



Kind of a cheesy happy smile, but it's the best I could get him to give me "on command"!!! LOL

Friday, May 1, 2009

One Year Mark

We have "officially" hit the one year mark waiting for Baby #2!!(as of April 29th) On one hand it's hard to believe we've waited this long and still haven't been given a referral, but on the other hand the wait hasn't been too bad (until recently, that is). It is crazy when you think that the ENTIRE process for Brady, from signing our contract with our agency to the day we met Brady was just over  9 months!! We knew going into this 2nd adoption that it would be much longer, but I was hoping that we would have had a referral at this point. I am HOPING it won't be much longer and by my estimation we "should" be at the top of the list (which doesn't really exist, by the way), so with any luck we'll hear something this month!!!

Keep those referral vibes coming!!!