Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Brady showing his moves at the parade!! Remember to turn off my playlist so you can hear the music on the float!

Chasco Parade

Alan met up with me and Brady in Florida after being in Dubai for a week for work. He got to town in time for us to go to the Chasco Fiesta Parade!! It's always a fun parade to take kids to, so it worked out perfectly!!

A bad attempt at a family photo!!! LOL

Me and the girls from Pandora!

Brady was apparently more interested in my beads than looking at the camera!!

Denise and my dad!

Brady LOVED the clowns!!!

Fun at the Park

One day while we were in Florida Brady and I met some friends at a really cool park!!! I got to catch up with old friends, Kelley and Laura, while our three boys ran around and tried to not get into too much trouble!! It was a great way to spend a morning!!!

Brady always loves the swings!

Chillin' in his convertible!!

OMG, this was SO funny!!! Laura, Kelley and I were just on the other side of the playground when were heard, "stuuuuuck"!!!! Once we got a bit closer this is what we found!!!! Of course I HAD to snap a picture first!!! We told them they were just like Pooh Bear!!! LOL
fun on the slide
Sadly, this is the only shot I got of all 3 boys!! That's Laura's son Matthew on the top of the slide, Kelley's son Ethan on the bottom and Brady in the middle!

St. Patrick's Day

We spent St. Patrick's Day evening at Dennis and Kathy's house, who happen to live on the beach so we got to see a beautiful sunset!! It was a nice low key evening spent with good friends and good food!!!
OMG, I SO wish I could have recorded this conversation between "Big Joe" and Brady!!! The two of them sitting there talking like old friends, it was SO cute!!!

Brady was in awe of this train!!! I guess we'll have to set up one of these in our house!!!

A beautiful Florida sunset!!


Brady and I spent the last 10  days in Florida at my parents house and had a great time! I managed to see lots of friends and have a fair amount of "me" time, which was really nice!!! 

Brady and Pop Pop on the carousel

Mommy and Brady on the carousel

Pop Pop helping Brady fish.....he won a super cute dog!

Look at all those beads Brady got!!!

Grandma, Pop Pop and Brady at the parade

Monday, March 9, 2009


A new thing that Brady has started in the last few weeks is eating ice! He asks for ice whenever we are out at a restaurant and if I don't get him his own cup of it he sticks his hands into my glass to get it!!! As soon as he's done chopping on one piece he says, "more"! I can't say I know too many other toddlers that do this, so I find it pretty amusing!

The other thing he likes is onions! Tonight at dinner I was chopping an onion and he kept coming over and saying, " onion", over and over again. Then he would say, "bite" and at first I told him he couldn't have any but after about the 4th time, I figured, well if he REALLY wants to try one, then he should go for it, so I gave him a piece. Now granted, it wasn't a big piece, but he did eat it and came back and asked for more!!!

One other thing he likes, which is weird, but good, is peppers; red, yellow, orange and green! When I'm slicing these he always comes and asks for some and usually eats several of them. I can definitely thing of worse snacks so I'll continue to give him these!!!


I happen to think that Brady is really good talker for a 2 year old. He says a gazillion different words and constantly repeats me if it's a word he hasn't heard before. Right now it's really cool because he's really starting to string together lots of 2 and 3 word "sentences". For instance last night at dinner he said, "more corns please"...SO cute!!! Some other sentences he says on a regular basis are; "mommy's car", "daddy's car", "daddy's home", "more music", "all done", and "have it/some".

HOWEVER, as good of a talker that he is, there are two words that we need to do something about!!! The word PIANO is "penis" and NO I am NOT making that up!!! Believe me, I've gone through all of the horrendous scenarios in my head of being out at the store and having him say something like, "home play penis" or some other ghastly sentence that would make more than a few heads turn, I'm sure!!! LOL. 

The other word is not nearly as bad, but it's close!! The word KISS is "piss"!!!! It's really hard for me to not laugh when Brady says "piss" and comes running to give me a kiss!!! I think I need to spend a bit more time with  him on these two words!!!


I feel like Chelsea always gets left out, so I thought it was about time that she got an entire (well, almost entire) post to herself!! She ABSOLUTELY loved playing in the snow and probably would have stayed out there a lot longer than I let her!!!

She had to check out what Brady was doing, it was pretty cute!!!

A snow covered snout!!

Her prize "catch" of the day!!! It was so funny to watch her walk around with that thing!!

She was waiting for me to throw a snow ball!!

Looking for a tennis ball!


Last week we got about 6 inches of MARCH!!!! Not exactly what I was hoping to see. I like snow and I think it's super pretty and I like playing in it with Brady, but after spending my first full winter here, I've realized that after about 5 months of gray skies, I'd much rather be seeing sunshine!!! Anyway, Brady and I got all bundled up and went out to play in it, despite the fact that it was VERY VERY cold and windy and we both had a good time!

My snow angel

Brady really liked sledding on his stomach!

He LOVES to go and scoop the snow off of our "sitting wall" and then dump it on the ground.

An attempt at a self-portrait, but Brady decided to pretend to be asleep!!

CUTENESS!!!! This has got to be one of my absolute favorite pictures of him!!!