Monday, March 9, 2009


A new thing that Brady has started in the last few weeks is eating ice! He asks for ice whenever we are out at a restaurant and if I don't get him his own cup of it he sticks his hands into my glass to get it!!! As soon as he's done chopping on one piece he says, "more"! I can't say I know too many other toddlers that do this, so I find it pretty amusing!

The other thing he likes is onions! Tonight at dinner I was chopping an onion and he kept coming over and saying, " onion", over and over again. Then he would say, "bite" and at first I told him he couldn't have any but after about the 4th time, I figured, well if he REALLY wants to try one, then he should go for it, so I gave him a piece. Now granted, it wasn't a big piece, but he did eat it and came back and asked for more!!!

One other thing he likes, which is weird, but good, is peppers; red, yellow, orange and green! When I'm slicing these he always comes and asks for some and usually eats several of them. I can definitely thing of worse snacks so I'll continue to give him these!!!


Joe and Jane said...

Our kiddos love ice too. Not peppers though, good for Brady!

KB said...

I remember Andy eating raw onions, too. I guess it takes a few years for their taste buds to be corrupted by high-fructose corn syrup.

Shana said...

Haley loved ice too when she was Brady's age. Whenever she would get a boo-boo we would give a small piece of ice to chew on and that resolved the problem:)

Be grateful that he like veggies!

Stefanie said...

Hi Beth! Eiley also loves to chew on ice - I would think their mouths would get too cold, but apparently not :-) Also love the pictures below of Chelsea in the snow.

And Brady sure does sound like a talker! I can just hear him talking about "pianos"...LOL! Check out my post about Eiley's new obsession with forks - you'll get a kick out of it ;-)

Tina said...

Peppers (red, yellow, and orange) are sweet tasting and a big hit as a snack in Maya's kindergarten class.