Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Random Pictures!

Just some random pics!!

Brady and Emily with their new Jingle Dogs, which they both LOVE!!

A little love!!

Mommy catching a snooze with help from my 2 favorite munchkins!!

Brady and Daddy

A little cuddle time

Baseball in the house!!!

I don't remember if I was being attacked or getting a kiss!! LOL


A few weeks ago, we went to see ICE at the G@ylord Resort at the N@tional Harbor. It was really, really cool (no pun intended!). The amazing displays of ice are carved by the same ice carvers that transform China's city of Harbin to an ice city every year!! The colored ice was, by far, the most interesting!! There were 2 slides and Brady and I went down one of them, but he didn't really like it, so we didn't go down the second one. It was SUPER cold (obviously) in the exhibit but you are given a lovely blue parka that really does keep you warm!! I think the best part was that we went Monday after New Year's and there was NO ONE there!!! So, if we decide to make this an annual event, we'll continue going on this day to avoid the crowds!!

this Christmas tree is made entirely of Peeps b/c the only ( I think) Peeps store is at the N@tional Harbor. Pretty amazing!!

there was no way the jacket would have come close to fitting Emily, so we decided to keep her in the stroller and cover her up this way!!

this Nativity scene was really beautiful!!

Lots of Pictures

Once again, I am trying to get caught up on this blog!! I'm not sure why it seems so hard to keep up lately, but I'm sure part of is my time spent on F@cebook!! LOL. Anyway, he's a bunch of pictures of things we've done recently.

Our first snow....Emily seems to really enjoy this snow year!!

going for a ride with Daddy pulling!!

I just LOVE this picture of Brady!!

Checking out their gifts that Santa left!!

Emily and Pop Pop....she was funny with my was a game of cat and mouse for several days until she totally warmed up to him, but of course by the end of the week, she couldn't stay away from him!!

Brady playing with his new Leapster

Emily and Grandma

Brady and Pop Pop working on a puzzle

Emily and Mommy playing around after Christmas dinner

Emily showing off her new hat!

Brady having fun on the slide!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Emily's Gotcha Day!

So we celebrated Emily's Gotcha Day way back on November 19th....a whole year she's been home with us!!! Some days it seems like just yesterday and other days it seems like she's been here for the entire 19 months (at the time)!! I feel like we've come a long way since the day we held her for the very first time. I absolutely cannot imagine this house without in it, that's for sure!! I'm guessing lots of people who don't really know Emily would think she's really serious, but it's just the opposite actually!! She is always doing something crazy, funny or totally out of control and makes us laugh all the time. I LOVE how well she and Brady get along....for the most part!! It's SO sweet how she will rub his back when he cries or how they kiss each other before bed or how Brady "reads" to Emily....just makes me smile!! We couldn't love her any more and she fits into our family just PEFECTLY!!!

We didn't do anything super special, but we did get Chinese food, Shrimp Lo Mein for the kids because it's their favorite and hot fudge sundaes for dessert!! It was great to spend the day as a family of FOUR!!!

hmmm, what is this?

I think I like it....

tastes pretty good....


Back in November when Starbucks was doing their buy one get one promotion, I took Brady to get his very first "coffee" drink!! He LOVES the whip cream from my drinks and kept asking me when he could have one, so I figured if I could get his free, it was the perfect time!! He chose a peppermint hot chocolate and loved it!! It was a great excuse to have some "private time" with my favorite little guy!! :-)


YES, I KNOW these are really, really late, but at least they're here now!! We had a lot of fun on Halloween this year. Brady was really into it and Emily "got it" after about 2 houses!! Once she realized she got food for going to the door, she was all for it!! :-) Anyway, here's a look at our Woody and Jesse!

Alan's wonderful carving job!

Brady as Woody and Emily as Jesse!!

Emily did a pretty darn good job of pulling Brady, but I think it literally took us 30 minutes to go 2 houses, so we had to put a stop to that!! LOL

She's ALL about the food!

Our super cute Sheriff Woody!