Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A few weeks ago, we went to see ICE at the G@ylord Resort at the N@tional Harbor. It was really, really cool (no pun intended!). The amazing displays of ice are carved by the same ice carvers that transform China's city of Harbin to an ice city every year!! The colored ice was, by far, the most interesting!! There were 2 slides and Brady and I went down one of them, but he didn't really like it, so we didn't go down the second one. It was SUPER cold (obviously) in the exhibit but you are given a lovely blue parka that really does keep you warm!! I think the best part was that we went Monday after New Year's and there was NO ONE there!!! So, if we decide to make this an annual event, we'll continue going on this day to avoid the crowds!!

this Christmas tree is made entirely of Peeps b/c the only ( I think) Peeps store is at the N@tional Harbor. Pretty amazing!!

there was no way the jacket would have come close to fitting Emily, so we decided to keep her in the stroller and cover her up this way!!

this Nativity scene was really beautiful!!


Paramita Agustina said...

you're so blessed. really enjoy your family's photos :)

cory said...

love ur familey photos alsome. said...

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