Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here's some video of Brady dancing to Ni Hao Kai Lan...he does this pretty much any time music comes on and it's really cute!!! ENJOY!


Here's some video of Brady eating his corn on the cob!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We took advantage of the long weekend and took on the task of removing wallpaper from the study, which will eventually be my scrapbook room!!! To our surprise the wallpaper came off fairly easily and we had it done in about a total of 6 or 7 hours done over 2 days while Brady was sleeping. We still have to finish painting it, but we're already about halfway done...everything is needing mulitple coats...UGGHHH!!

We ended the weekend with my brother coming over for a cookout...steaks, baked potatoes, salad, corn on the cob and dessert!!! It was all very good and I think Brady liked the corn on the cob best!! We had another beautiful day so we took advantage of the weather and ate outside on the deck.

Scrapbook room before.....

Scrapbook room with no wallpaper, ready for paint. (I'll have to post the finished product later)

Brady and his corn! I don't know where this boy learned to eat all this stuff!!!

"this is fun"!!!
mmmmmm, good!!!


On Sunday, Brady went to a birthday party for his friend Kyle (his mom is my friend Kristi). The weather was absolutely beautiful, which was a change for us, so Kristi had everything set up outisde for the, games, and baby pool!!! Brady had so much fun playing with all the other kids and checking out all the different toys.

he loved pushing the buttons on this toy and hearing the different sounds/music it made

What mom??

Brady loved the baby pool.

from left to right: Ty, Brady and Kyle

He ended up getting really wet, so we had to borrow some shorts from Kyle to go home in!! (In my defense, I didn't know there was going to be a baby pool, so I didn't pack extra shorts or a swimsuit)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


On Monday we headed to the outlets (for the second time over the weekend) so my dad could exchange a shirt he got the first time we went there. We didn't have a ton of time but we all managed to get some good deals!!

Grandpa and Brady taking a nap on the way there!!

Brady trying on his new Nikes!!

Mom, I like them, can we get them??
Look mommy, they make me run fast!!!


Even though it was a celebration for other people, we all had a good time watching Brady dig into his cake. I don' think he noticed or cared that it was missing the filling!!! : )

He starts off polite and dainty...

and then he shoves it in!!

mmmm, this is good.

this is REALLY good!!!

"I'm going in with both hands"!!!


On Sunday we went out to my cousin Dan's house for some celebrating!! It was Ben's 11th birthday, my parent's Anniversary (41 years!!) and Gina's birthday (29 again, I think!!!). It was nice to be able to get together with most of the of the good things about moving back here. We had a nice time visiting with each other and playing the Wii!!! The cake looks so pretty but it was not what Tanya had ordered so it was a bit disappointing.

Brady and Ben.....the birthday boy!!

Brady playing the piano with Greg

The Birthday Boy


Brady really likes to read, but I didn't realize he was ready to move into the "big leagues"!!! Based on these pictures, I think he's trying to tell me something.

nope, I haven't read this one yet, it looks good!

Here mommy, let's take this one!

Mommy hasn't even read this one yet!!


This past Saturday our neighborhood had their annual yard sale and these are some pictures I managed to get of Brady and Alan spending some time together.

Daddy must have something very interesting!!

Mommy caught us!!

HI Mommy


Okay, so we're definitely making up for not living here for 8 years!!! I have been to Peking Gourmet at least 4 times since moving back in February and we're going again this Thursday too!!! I am NOT complaining though because the food is just awesome. These are some pictures of last Thursday when we went with my parents, my brother and some friends...but you can see that none of them rated since I only took pictures of Brady and the food!!! mmm, the duck is good

in this picture you can see some duck, the chicken and garlic sprouts (which is one of my favorites) the fried rice and the green beans

Brady hamming it up for the camera!

the rest of the food...the jo yen shrimp (my all time favorite!!), singapore noodles, a veggie dish, and more duck

yep, I'm cute!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The weather here lately has me wondering why we moved back here!! I mean, look at what Brady and Alan were wearing in the previous post compared to what Brady is wearing in this post!! Not to mention the fact that we've had to turn the heat back on twice in the last few days.. it's CRAZY!! Doesn't Virginia know that it's MAY???? Anyway, Brady and I had to go run some errands this past Monday despite the fact that it was cold and rainy (I think it rained for close to 48 hours....okay so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) so I busted out this new jacket that we thought was going to be for this coming winter. We got a great deal on it at REI's Anniversary Sale. I just thought he looked super cute in it since it practically goes to his knees!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We went to a friend's housewarming party on Sunday and these are some of the cute pictures of Brady and Daddy.

I don't think Brady could look any cuter in his Hawaiian shirt!!

This is one of the sweetest pictures of Brady and Daddy that I was so cute to watch this unfold...he really likes his Daddy!!!

Daddy and Brady sharing some food...some sort of Thai peanut chicken that was really good.

Just recently Brady has started to like to just chill with's so cute!! (Alan didn't realize that he wasn't supposed to pose for this picture, but after SEVERAL attempts I gave up...he didn't "get" it!!! MEN UGGGHH!!!)


This past weekend we went to visit Gung Gung and Po Po and had an awesome lunch at a Japanese restaurant.....sushi, soup, noodles, tempura...mmmm it was so good!!! Brady enjoyed his rice and some of the tempura, but his favorite thing were these cookies that the ladies at the restaurant gave him...they are like those pirouette cookies, but they had a strawberry filling. It was funny becuase Brady wasn't sure about the filling until I was able to get a little bit of it on his lips and then he realized it was sweet so it had to be good!!! Now it's my quest to find them at an Asian grocery store here!!! I also have to add that Brady REALLY likes Po Po...whenever he sees her he just totally lights up and gets the biggest smile on his face!!

Brady was fascinated by this doll that was just above our table...he kept pointing at it and saying was cute.

Brady, mommy, daddy, Gung Gung and Po Po. (Eric and Ashley were there too, but no pictures of them).

Friday, May 2, 2008


Yep, he's started already!!! It happened the other day when Brady and I met our friends Margi and Blake at the play place at the mall. It was innocent enough...Brady was hanging around this one particular little girl for quite sometime...cute, blonde hair (a little bit anyway) with two little pony tails (or as my blogette friend calls them, giraffe horns!!), wearing a dress and hogging the ring thing that you climb. Brady just hung out at the base and looked at her and tried to touch her and then the little girl started patting him on the head and talking to cute. She then moved on to the train cart. So, she's sitting in there and Brady again walks up to her and she leans over and kissed him...SO CUTE!!!! (of course her mom and I were both like, "oh that's so nice"). With that Brady promptly left and then started hanging out with the cute little Asian girl!!! She seemed more his age anyway, so it was probably for the best!!! Brady is pretty funny when we go to the play place because he's always hanging out with the girls, following them around, so I'm sure there will be more of these encounters in our future!!