Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Okay, so we're definitely making up for not living here for 8 years!!! I have been to Peking Gourmet at least 4 times since moving back in February and we're going again this Thursday too!!! I am NOT complaining though because the food is just awesome. These are some pictures of last Thursday when we went with my parents, my brother and some friends...but you can see that none of them rated since I only took pictures of Brady and the food!!! mmm, the duck is good

in this picture you can see some duck, the chicken and garlic sprouts (which is one of my favorites) the fried rice and the green beans

Brady hamming it up for the camera!

the rest of the food...the jo yen shrimp (my all time favorite!!), singapore noodles, a veggie dish, and more duck

yep, I'm cute!!

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