Friday, May 2, 2008


Yep, he's started already!!! It happened the other day when Brady and I met our friends Margi and Blake at the play place at the mall. It was innocent enough...Brady was hanging around this one particular little girl for quite sometime...cute, blonde hair (a little bit anyway) with two little pony tails (or as my blogette friend calls them, giraffe horns!!), wearing a dress and hogging the ring thing that you climb. Brady just hung out at the base and looked at her and tried to touch her and then the little girl started patting him on the head and talking to cute. She then moved on to the train cart. So, she's sitting in there and Brady again walks up to her and she leans over and kissed him...SO CUTE!!!! (of course her mom and I were both like, "oh that's so nice"). With that Brady promptly left and then started hanging out with the cute little Asian girl!!! She seemed more his age anyway, so it was probably for the best!!! Brady is pretty funny when we go to the play place because he's always hanging out with the girls, following them around, so I'm sure there will be more of these encounters in our future!!


Shana said...

What a ladies man!

Joe and Jane said...

Brady is such a cutie, yes I'm sure there will be LOTS more of this in the future. Hang on tight!

Joyce said...

Tessa will be soooo jealous. How cute was that.
What a doll.