Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This past weekend we went to visit Gung Gung and Po Po and had an awesome lunch at a Japanese restaurant.....sushi, soup, noodles, tempura...mmmm it was so good!!! Brady enjoyed his rice and some of the tempura, but his favorite thing were these cookies that the ladies at the restaurant gave him...they are like those pirouette cookies, but they had a strawberry filling. It was funny becuase Brady wasn't sure about the filling until I was able to get a little bit of it on his lips and then he realized it was sweet so it had to be good!!! Now it's my quest to find them at an Asian grocery store here!!! I also have to add that Brady REALLY likes Po Po...whenever he sees her he just totally lights up and gets the biggest smile on his face!!

Brady was fascinated by this doll that was just above our table...he kept pointing at it and saying something..it was cute.

Brady, mommy, daddy, Gung Gung and Po Po. (Eric and Ashley were there too, but no pictures of them).

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