Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bathing Beauty

Alan and Brady went to CT to visit Alan's dad over the weekend, so it was a girls only weekend at our house!! Emily and I had a good time together and I have to say one kid is WAAAAAAY easier that 2!!! LOL. We spent an afternoon "in" the kiddie pool out back and I think Emily liked having it and all of the toys to herself!!

How adorable is she??!!!

All smiles

Coming to check out the camera

Emily thought it was fun to toss Alan's flip flops in the pool!

And she really liked sharing the pool with Chelsea! :-)

Notice she NEVER got in the pool?!! LOL

Emily's First Haircut

Emily got her first haircut last week!! It was getting a bit unruly and the dead ends needed to be taken off. We took her to one of those places in the mall that "specializes" in kids cuts and has the tv's and such. Alan and I both thought it was a bit pricey for a "first" haircut, but it is what it is. Really the only reason we took her to one of those places is because of how squirmy she is, so we thought it would be best to take her to someone who gives kid hair cuts all the time. In the future, I think we'll just take her to the same place that Alan and Brady go.

At first she did great by herself....

but I quickly had to sit with her.

The container of barrettes the lady gave Emily was very helpful

Brady was in charge of blowing bubbles for Emily

the blow drying didn't last long

All done!

Kiddie Pool Fun

We decided to play in the pool last week because it was so hot. Unfortunately the hose water was very, very cold and I think that's what kept Emily from wanting to be in the water much. Nonetheless, the kids had fun!!

kicking the water is always fun

a little tussle over the beach ball

I LOVE this picture because you can tell just how much fun Brady is having

ooo, I can reach it

"Hello? Is anyone home?"

Let me try to get in this pool

you can tell by the look on Brady's face just how cold the water was!!

I think this picture pretty much says it all....Brady is ALWAYS laughing and smiling while Emily is much more serious and inquisitive.

Lunchtime Silliness

I took these a week ago or so at lunchtime. Emily was having fun doing a "new face" and of course, Brady had to get in on the action!!! LOL

Pucker up!

Not to be outdone, Brady had to give it a try!! LOL

full of laughs!

Brady decided I should take some pictures of them together

Emily's not so sure about this pose!!

Time to fight back!!! :-)

Anyone else notice that all the good/cute pics I get of Emily she's sitting, strapped into some sort of chair???? LOL

Park Playdate

A few Saturdays ago, we met our friends Shelly, Norman, Nyah and Ewan at the coolest playground!!! It was built for kids of all ages and abilities and is apparently one of only a few like it in the country, so we're pretty fortunate that it's only about 30 minutes from our house. Unlike traditional playgrounds this one has ramps to get on some of the equipment, several different types of swings, larger platform type attractions, running lanes for races, mazes, actual parking spaces for strollers and many other cool things. This playground is easily 3 times bigger than any other playground I've ever been's HUGE! It's so big that I probably wouldn't take the kids there without Alan b/c you really have to be one on one. I should add that in the middle of it is a carousel! Needless to say we'll be going back!!

The swings are DEFINITELY a favorite for both Brady and Emily!

Emily hanging out on the plane

Brady doing of good job of navigating these steps

Some more steps

Riding the dolphin became a family affair!! LOL

Emily liked the dolphin as much as the swings!

This was a cool music board that Brady was into

Riding the whale

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frying P@n P@rk

Last Wednesday we didn't have S*ccer T*ts, so we decided to go to Frying P@n P@rk instead! We went with our friends Leah, Aaron and their mom, Julie because we all go to S*ccer T*ts together. This park is only about 20 minutes from our house and is the oldest working farm in the county. It depicts farm life from the late 1800's and early 1900's. It still amazes me this is in the middle of our county which is very suburban!! We started the day off with a tractor ride and saw a ground hog, some deer, the farm's crop fields and some horses. Then we explored the farm, had lunch and ended the day playing on the playground!! A good time was had by all!! :-)

Me and Emily on the tractor ride!

OMG, this is definitely one of the biggest pigs I've seen!! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of her piglets.

Leah and Brady checking out the bunnies

Brady, Aaron and Leah checking out the chickens

Emily taking a peek for herself.....she was very interested in everything!!

Leah, Aaron and Emily hanging out with the sheep

Leah getting a closer look at the sheep while Brady plays with the grass!! LOL

I think he's trying to check us out!!

Leah and Brady running to see what was at the back of the farm

we found a peacock....

a turkey....

make that 2 turkeys!!!

My Mother's Day Flowers!

The kids had these beautiful roses sent to me!! I think the did an excellent job!! Oh, and I got chocolates too!! :-)

Strawberry Picking!

We went strawberry picking on Mother's Day weekend and the following weekend (when Grandma and Pop Pop were in town)!! None of us had ever done this so it was a lot of fun for all of us!! And boy, were the strawberries GOOD!!! I'm pretty sure Brady's favorite part was eating the berries!


Daddy and Emily getting down to business

Here's another one

Emily had fun squishing them!!

MMMM, washed and ready to eat!!

He still loved eating the berries the second weekend!

Pop Pop and Brady getting to work!

Caught red handed...AGAIN! LOL

Grandma was definitely in her element!!

Time to go home!