Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Okay, some of you know this story (or at least the first part), but many of you don't and I just had to share it with you. My hairdresser, Gary (who is totally cool!!), has another client(Mike) who is very good friends with Ronde Barber of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gary knows that Ronde is my favorite player so he asked Mike if he could get Ronde to sign something for me and Mike said it shouldn't be a problem. Well, the only problem I had was that I had just recently seen Ronde at a charity golf tournament and had just had him sign my "real" jersey and 2 hats, so I didn't really have anything left. I was telling a friend(Rob) at work of my dilema and he asked if Ronde had ever written any kids books or anything...DUH!!!!! As luck would have it, this past Christmas my brother had just given me the 3 kids books that Ronde has written with his twin brother Tiki . So, I took the 3 books to the salon before Mike's next appointment so that he could get them to Ronde. I included a photo of Brady....I mean how could Ronde resist after seeing Brady???!!!! Gary was going to tell Mike the short version of how Alan and I got to this point of adoption so he could fill Ronde in. Well, I just got back from getting my hair cut and I have the signed books!!!! Ronde signed each of them "to Brady, Best Wishes, Ronde Barber"!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???? Brady doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be a BUCS FAN!!! (after all, I can't let him take after his dad and root for the Packers!!!) This is just more proof that Ronde is a standup kind of guy!! : ) So, thanks Ronde, you've made my day!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007


We got our first set of update photo's along with some growth information today!! Brady is growing and looks to be doing quite well. His pictures are really cute, but I'm not sure what's with the pink blanket and yellow onesie. Good thing we sent him some "boy" clothes last week. We also received a short video clip of Brady too, which was cute. He didn't seem too happy about the video camera in his face though. Okay, so I know you're wondering where the pictures are at this point, right? Well, we're having some problems with our EasyShare software and Alan is out of town and I'm not the most computer literate person, so.........anyway, Alan will post the pictures later this week when he gets home!!

The other bit of good news is that we got our papers back from the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Miami today. Thanks to my mom they are already at the Adoption Agency too!!! So, now at this point, I need to send a big fat check and they will have the papers translated and then they will finally be off to Taiwan!!! I think we're moving along at a fairly good pace, so hopefully things will continue that way. It seems that most people are traveling about 6 months after they get their referral, so if that's the case for us, then we'd be traveling in October!!!

Again, sorry about the "no pictures", but we'll get them up here as soon as possible!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We received our VERY IMPORTANT I-171H form today from the Department of Homeland Security!! ( I wonder what our postal person thinks about us since we are getting so much mail from the DHS???). I'm quite pleased with the turnaround time on this since we were just fingerprinted on April 11th. Some people seem to wait much longer. Everyday something seems to make it seem like we are one step closer...although it still can't go fast enough!! Now, if we'd just get some update photo's I'd be REALLY happy!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007


Today I sent the Power of Attorney's (5 different ones), Adoption Agreement and our Homestudy to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami for "authenticating". Basically they are notarizing the notarized forms. We should have these back by the end of the week, Monday at the latest and then I'll get them back to our Agency who will then have the Homestudy translated. That should take about a week or 2 at the longest. Once the agency receives that back then all of the paperwork will be sent to Taiwan!!!! I feel like we're getting somewhere now!

I also sent Brady his first care package today!! We sent him two outfits, some onesies, a blanket, a stuffed black labrador (looks just like Chelsea!!!), a rattle and a camera that I'm hoping they will use. Even though I've heard that they don't typically call the babies by their "new" names I did put "Brady" on it in hopes that maybe we'll get lucky!! Certainly can't hurt!!

That's all for now. Hope to be posting again sooner than later!! We should be getting some update photo's soon!! : )