Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ticonderoga Farms

We LOVE fall and all of the Fall Festivals we have around here. Seriously we could probably go to a festival both days of every weekend for a good 6 weeks and even still might not make it to all of them! This particular festival was much, much different than the one we usually go to at Cox Farms. This one is much smaller, more of a "farm" feel than a festival feel, but we LOVED it. It was quite cold this morning, which meant we were basically the only people there for a good hour or more. We met our friends, Cassie, Paul and David there and loved having the run of the place to ourselves!! I'm pretty sure we'll make this an annual event now too!! There are LOTS of pics below to enjoy!

Emily in the tunnel

David looking handsome!

My "little boy" isn't looking so little anymore

OMG, this slide was SO fast!!! Brady LOVED it!!! He probably went down it close to a dozen times!!

playing on the tires

Emily and David inspecting the mulch!

on the tractor ride to get our pumpkins

The perfect pumpkin for the perfect pumpkin!!

This doesn't happen too often

both boys loved feeding the chickens!

Emily being silly

swinging on a vine

time to make s'mores!

Brady liked them!! :-)

a good old fashioned teeter totter!

more slides!!

Emily would giggle the whole way down!!

Paul and David
one tired little girl!

Halloween Parade

Brady has his pre-school Halloween parade on Thursday Oct 28th. It was really cute! They had the kids go around the loop two times to make sure all the parents had a good opportunity to get pictures. Brady didn't really seem like he was having fun, but he assured me later that he did have a good time! All of the kids looked so cute!

Brady as Woody (he told his teachers he didn't want to wear his hat)

I LOVE this one even though his hand is sort of in front of his face.

the whole class after the parade

Brady and his best buddy

Brady, his best buddy and one of the little girls he plays with a fair bit. Of course these 3 were the only ones who started misbehaving!! LOL

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cox Farms Trip 2!

On October 23rd we went back to Cox Farms, this time with our friends, Cassie, Paul, David, Mark, Margi, Ty, Blake, Kristi, Kyle and Kayla and we had a great time!! Even though the kids range in age from 18 months to 8 years there is plenty of things for all of them to do!! This is the second year we've gotten together for this, so I think this has become a bit of a tradition!!

Brady on the slide

Emily tried one on her own and LOVED it!!

the underground slide with Daddy

Brady loves feeding the goats!

Emily LOVES it too!! David preferred to watch Emily and just pet the goat

Ty, Blake and Brady playing on the hay mound

playing in the corn box.

Emily LOVES apples

I LOVE the determination on Brady's face here!

looking for a good pumpkin

This is the best I could get of miss, "I don't like to be still"!! LOL

And this is the best I could get of the 2 of them!!! LOL It looks like Brady is holding Emily hostage!! LOL

Toy Story On Ice

We took the kids to see Toy Story On Ice on October 22 and we all had a great time. The show was great, a bit long, but great nonetheless. The kids were pretty much mesmerized the entire time. Brady's favorites, from all the movies and here too, were the Army men. And I think Emily just loved everything!


The Army men

Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Hamm and Rex

The Aliens


Lotso Huggin Bear

Jessie and Woody

Random Emily Pics

Just some "odd" pictures of Emily that are also very cute!!

A new fashion? Maybe Flashdance?? LOL

This is to show how short Alan made Emily's bangs when he cut her hair!!!!! And I should mention that he did this when I was not home!!! Needless to say, I was not happy!

This is Emily practicing wearing her cowboy boots for her Halloween costume. As you can see, she LOVES them!!! These boots have been in my family for over 50 years!!! :-)

Loudon Farm Days

A few weekends ago we got together with our friends, Cassie, Paul and David and checked out some farms in a neighboring county. These farms are only open to the public one weekend a year, so this was a treat. We started the morning off at an Alpaca farm, then went to a Donkey Farm and ended the day at a "u-pick" pumpkin farm. I think we've decided that the pumpkin farm is going to be an annual tradition b/c we had so much fun looking for just the right pumpkin!!!

Brady LOVED feeding the Alpacas. He's very good at feeding animals and he never appears to be afraid of them either, which is good.

HELLO! :-)

We stopped for lunch at the "General Store" and got some sandwiches and then found this great little park!! It was the perfect rest stop!

Brady riding a "mammoth" donkey. OMG, they were as big as horses!!! He LOVED it!!

Brady and Cassie at the pumpkin farm. When we first arrived and saw the pumpkin patch, Brady exclaimed, "it's UNBELIEVABLE!" It was THE cutest thing ever!!! And he kept saying it!!

Alan, Brady and Emily looking for the perfect pumpkin

Brady and David

Emily and Brady