Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ticonderoga Farms

We LOVE fall and all of the Fall Festivals we have around here. Seriously we could probably go to a festival both days of every weekend for a good 6 weeks and even still might not make it to all of them! This particular festival was much, much different than the one we usually go to at Cox Farms. This one is much smaller, more of a "farm" feel than a festival feel, but we LOVED it. It was quite cold this morning, which meant we were basically the only people there for a good hour or more. We met our friends, Cassie, Paul and David there and loved having the run of the place to ourselves!! I'm pretty sure we'll make this an annual event now too!! There are LOTS of pics below to enjoy!

Emily in the tunnel

David looking handsome!

My "little boy" isn't looking so little anymore

OMG, this slide was SO fast!!! Brady LOVED it!!! He probably went down it close to a dozen times!!

playing on the tires

Emily and David inspecting the mulch!

on the tractor ride to get our pumpkins

The perfect pumpkin for the perfect pumpkin!!

This doesn't happen too often

both boys loved feeding the chickens!

Emily being silly

swinging on a vine

time to make s'mores!

Brady liked them!! :-)

a good old fashioned teeter totter!

more slides!!

Emily would giggle the whole way down!!

Paul and David
one tired little girl!


michelle said...

You are so lucky! We only have 2 farms open to us on selected weekends in October. My daughter would have loved going down those slides. They said she was too little to ride even with me holding her.

Joanna B said...

I love Brady's face going down the slide. Pure joy!

Jennifer said...

What a touch story and lovely family you have -- you must be so proud!

Dylana Suarez said...

So cute! Lovely blog here!


Neolon Light said...

nice posting keep blogging