Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Loudon Farm Days

A few weekends ago we got together with our friends, Cassie, Paul and David and checked out some farms in a neighboring county. These farms are only open to the public one weekend a year, so this was a treat. We started the morning off at an Alpaca farm, then went to a Donkey Farm and ended the day at a "u-pick" pumpkin farm. I think we've decided that the pumpkin farm is going to be an annual tradition b/c we had so much fun looking for just the right pumpkin!!!

Brady LOVED feeding the Alpacas. He's very good at feeding animals and he never appears to be afraid of them either, which is good.

HELLO! :-)

We stopped for lunch at the "General Store" and got some sandwiches and then found this great little park!! It was the perfect rest stop!

Brady riding a "mammoth" donkey. OMG, they were as big as horses!!! He LOVED it!!

Brady and Cassie at the pumpkin farm. When we first arrived and saw the pumpkin patch, Brady exclaimed, "it's UNBELIEVABLE!" It was THE cutest thing ever!!! And he kept saying it!!

Alan, Brady and Emily looking for the perfect pumpkin

Brady and David

Emily and Brady

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