Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Park Playdate

A few Saturdays ago, we met our friends Shelly, Norman, Nyah and Ewan at the coolest playground!!! It was built for kids of all ages and abilities and is apparently one of only a few like it in the country, so we're pretty fortunate that it's only about 30 minutes from our house. Unlike traditional playgrounds this one has ramps to get on some of the equipment, several different types of swings, larger platform type attractions, running lanes for races, mazes, actual parking spaces for strollers and many other cool things. This playground is easily 3 times bigger than any other playground I've ever been's HUGE! It's so big that I probably wouldn't take the kids there without Alan b/c you really have to be one on one. I should add that in the middle of it is a carousel! Needless to say we'll be going back!!

The swings are DEFINITELY a favorite for both Brady and Emily!

Emily hanging out on the plane

Brady doing of good job of navigating these steps

Some more steps

Riding the dolphin became a family affair!! LOL

Emily liked the dolphin as much as the swings!

This was a cool music board that Brady was into

Riding the whale

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