Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lots of Pictures

Once again, I am trying to get caught up on this blog!! I'm not sure why it seems so hard to keep up lately, but I'm sure part of is my time spent on F@cebook!! LOL. Anyway, he's a bunch of pictures of things we've done recently.

Our first snow....Emily seems to really enjoy this snow year!!

going for a ride with Daddy pulling!!

I just LOVE this picture of Brady!!

Checking out their gifts that Santa left!!

Emily and Pop Pop....she was funny with my was a game of cat and mouse for several days until she totally warmed up to him, but of course by the end of the week, she couldn't stay away from him!!

Brady playing with his new Leapster

Emily and Grandma

Brady and Pop Pop working on a puzzle

Emily and Mommy playing around after Christmas dinner

Emily showing off her new hat!

Brady having fun on the slide!

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