Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun at the Park

One day while we were in Florida Brady and I met some friends at a really cool park!!! I got to catch up with old friends, Kelley and Laura, while our three boys ran around and tried to not get into too much trouble!! It was a great way to spend a morning!!!

Brady always loves the swings!

Chillin' in his convertible!!

OMG, this was SO funny!!! Laura, Kelley and I were just on the other side of the playground when were heard, "stuuuuuck"!!!! Once we got a bit closer this is what we found!!!! Of course I HAD to snap a picture first!!! We told them they were just like Pooh Bear!!! LOL
fun on the slide
Sadly, this is the only shot I got of all 3 boys!! That's Laura's son Matthew on the top of the slide, Kelley's son Ethan on the bottom and Brady in the middle!

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