Monday, March 9, 2009


I happen to think that Brady is really good talker for a 2 year old. He says a gazillion different words and constantly repeats me if it's a word he hasn't heard before. Right now it's really cool because he's really starting to string together lots of 2 and 3 word "sentences". For instance last night at dinner he said, "more corns please"...SO cute!!! Some other sentences he says on a regular basis are; "mommy's car", "daddy's car", "daddy's home", "more music", "all done", and "have it/some".

HOWEVER, as good of a talker that he is, there are two words that we need to do something about!!! The word PIANO is "penis" and NO I am NOT making that up!!! Believe me, I've gone through all of the horrendous scenarios in my head of being out at the store and having him say something like, "home play penis" or some other ghastly sentence that would make more than a few heads turn, I'm sure!!! LOL. 

The other word is not nearly as bad, but it's close!! The word KISS is "piss"!!!! It's really hard for me to not laugh when Brady says "piss" and comes running to give me a kiss!!! I think I need to spend a bit more time with  him on these two words!!!


Joe and Jane said...

Gotta love those pronunciations!! Too funny!

KB said...

A friend's kid used to say "fuck-fucks" instead of flip-flips. She was horrified.

Shana said...

LOL! Kids are so funny! great that he has so much language though! WOW!

Shana said...

Forgot to add that when Kyan came home Haley called him "Baby Caca" for months. My Cuban family found it hilarious that she referred to her brother as a pieces of feces:)