Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So last night Brady went to his first official sleep over!!! My wonderful friend Margi agreed to babysit Brady while Jim, Sherry, Alan and I had a fabulous dinner at Chez Francois. When we initially planned this we weren't sure if Margi's husband Mark would be in town or not, so we just decided if need be Brady would spend the night at their place. We've spent a good deal of time at Mark and Margi's and even stayed there during our house hunting days so Brady is quite comfortable there. Besides they've got two boys who are 5 1/2(Ty) and 2 1/2(Blake) so he'd definitely be entertained!! As it turned out Mark was out of town so off Brady went!

We decided to take all of the kids (Kristi joined us with her kids too) to a performance at a local park in the morning. It was quite cute although it was a bit geared more towards the kids in the 4+ range since it was about junkyard pirates who "reuse, repair, and recycle". After the show we played in the field, threw rocks in the creek and then had a picnic lunch! After lunch Brady and I headed out to Margi's house so that I could put Brady down for a nap and slip out.

I'm happy to report that Brady did GREAT!!! Margi got him up after he never really fell asleep(because he had been sleeping in the car on the way there) and all the boys proceeded to play together. Ty and Blake showed Brady the ropes and Brady loved watching the "big boys" play! He ate a good dinner and then conked out at 7pm!!! He slept well and didn't get up until about 7am with a smile on his face. Margi and Brady were outside playing when I showed up this morning and I was greeted with "MA" and a big smile!!!

It's nice to know that we have such great friends who I trust COMPLETELY and feel comfortable enough to leave Brady with them overnight. It's also nice to know that Brady adjusts so well and just goes with the flow. THANKS Margi, we certainly appreciate it and now we owe you and Mark a night out!!!

Brady in the field after the kids performance.

A self portrait of Mommy and Brady!

Brady loved just walking around in this field and most of the time was giggling while cruising around. He tripped a lot though because the grass practically came up to his knees!!

Jim, Sherry, me and Alan in the courtyard of Chez Francois after our fabulous meal!!

Sherry and me

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Shana said...

AHHH, a night out! So great that Brady did so well and you guys got some couple time.