Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I had too many cute pictures so here are some more from our fun time in the pool!!

This is fun!!
Will someone please throw the ball for me??!!

Hi, Mr. Frog....Brady was very interested in this frog...it was really cute!

The best part was getting to run around naked after I got out of the pool!!! You can see in the background that Chelsea was not ready to get out of the pool!



Shana said...

Love the butt picture! That is sooo a framer!

Joyce said...

Classic photo of Brady. He will just die when he is older....
How adorable he is... I love his little Budda belly.... Enjoyed his dancing video also... What is it with Kai Lan. Tessa will scream to have the beginning song on over and over... I can hardly wait for DVD's of it.... He is growing up toooo fast... Still got the most adorable grin....

Rob & Karin said...

OMG, the bare butt picture is too cute!