Monday, June 16, 2008


I think Alan had a good first Father's Day!! The day started off with me having a soccer game. (the league didn't schedule games on Mother's Day, but did on Father's Day...kind of funny). Brady had tons of fun running around, carrying my water thermos, pushing his stroller and kicking his soccer ball. Needless to say he was exhausted and feel asleep on the way home. Once home we had lunch, then Brady napped while Alan mowed the grass...HIS choice!!! When Alan was finished with the lawn and Brady woke up we went to Sam's Club, something we actually like doing. Alan especially liked going today since he bought himself a new 50 inch tv!!! I have a gift for him but it's at my friend Vivianne's house becuase I ordered it online and I knew it would be delivered while we were in Florida so I had it shipped to her house. At this point it doesn't really matter what it is anyway because the tv TOTALLY trumps ANYTHING I would have gotten!!! I think Brady really likes Sam's Club too becuase he got to sample his way through the shopping excursion, so he was happy!!! Then we got home and had dinner and played with Brady before putting him to bed. The evening ended with us setting up the new tv!! A very busy day, but a good one, I think! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY honey, I love you!!!

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