Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So as I said in the previous post, we flew home this past weekend for a Krewe of Neptune function: Change of Command. COC is to honor the outgoing Captain(Alan) and to introduce the incoming Captain(Gary) and the new Board of Directors for the upcoming Krewe year. Alan and I were both blown away by the effort that went into the event to honor Alan's heritage. The decorations were out of this world!!! (thanks Suzanne and Gary for all of your efforts). They even went so far as to "borrow" (or rent, I'm not sure) a dragon to do a dragon dance of sorts...TOTALLY COOL!!! Alan and I can't say enough and I know he was truly touched, so we just want to say THANKS to everyone that played a part in making this a very special night for Alan and myself!!

In a strange coincidence, the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce(from Orlando) was having an event in the room next door!!! Even stranger....one of our friends, Bonnie, was outside and started talking to one of the women and she told Bonnie that she helped with an adoption for someone in the area...turned out it was us!!! The lady recognized our names when Bonnie mentioned us!!! SO...I had this idea....let's walk next door and see if we can find this lady and tell her we're on the list for #2 and see if she can "pull any strings"!! We did go next door and met the President, but unfortunately she didn't know who that woman may have been, so no luck there...but at least we tried!!!

The funny thing about this is that the people from the Chamber of Commerce were coming in our entrance thinking that it was their party, so they had to post signs out front with an arrow pointing them to the correct door. And, I know that some of us from the Neptune group were thinking, WOW, they got Chinese entertainment!!!!

Again, thanks for a FABULOUS event, we had an amazing time!!!!

The tables were decorated so nicely!!! The vases in the center were raffled off and we ended up with 2 BEAUTIFUL ones!!

The beginning of the dragon procession

Up close and personal with the dragon!

Alan at the podium getting the microphone for his speech.

Alan and Past King (and our very good friend) Donnie having a good time!!

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Shana said...

That is so awesome that they did all of that and thought of Allan's heritage! So funny, we are on the mailing list for Orlando's TW Chamber of Commerce and often go to their functions. The president and his wife are wonderful people! Small world!