Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This past Thursday we flew to Tampa for a Krewe function: Change of Command, which was in honor of Alan as his term of "Captain" is over. (more on that in another post). This time we decided to get Brady his own seat so we took his car seat for him to sit in, which we thought would be a good idea. We even got a thing that attaches to the car seat which makes it a stroller (it's basically like a dolly), which was great until we got to security and they asked us to take it apart so it could go through the xray machine! So we put it back together so Brady could continue to ride in it until we got on the plane. Then once we got on the plane it had to be taken apart again so it would fit in the seat...UGH!!!!! The actual attaching to the plane seat wasn't easy either as the seat belt barely fit through the back, but Alan finally got it all set for Brady. Brady did a great job on the flight and slept through most of it. The only good thing that came of this ordeal is that it made me realize that there is no way that I'll be able to do all of that when Brady and I fly home next week without Alan, so I guess he'll go back to being a lap child!!

Here's a few pictures of Brady playing on the airplanes at the Tampa Airport after we arrived.

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