Saturday, July 5, 2008


This afternoon we got together with several of our friends(thanks for hosting Jenny and Sean!!) and all of our kids for a little cookout. It was so nice to see everyone somewhere other than a soccer field(all of us moms play soccer together) and have a chance to actually talk and catch up. It was also a good chance for Alan to get to know the other husband's a bit better, and as far as I could tell, he fit right in!! The nicest part was that for much of the afternoon the men hung out with the kids in the basement while we girls hung out upstairs chatting and having a few cocktails!! I'm happy to report that all of the kids (6 not counting baby Meg) got along very well and seeing as how the other 5 know each other quite well, they were very good with Brady and let him play along with them! I really hope we can do this again sometime sooner than later!!
Norman (sitting in brown shirt) referees the kids trying to catch butterflies.

"Officer" Brady in the police cruiser talking on the radio!

Baby Meg!!

Liam hamming it up for my camera!!

We somehow got all of the kids (minus baby Meg) to sit for a picture at the end of the evening! From L to R: Top row: Nyah, Mia and Ewan; Bottom row: Brady, Liam and Andy


Joe and Jane said...

Looks like all had a great time!

Chris said...

he is just sooo adorable!!
Isn't it great to get together with friends and just have fun??

Rob & Karin said...

I hope using a cell phone while driving isn't illegal in your state! So cute!!!!