Thursday, July 10, 2008

HI/ EYE!!???

I just read a fellow bloggette's(Stefanie) blog which made me think of something. For awhile now Brady has been able to point out his nose, ears, piggies, shoes, socks, shorts, mouth and hair when asked where those are. We have also been trying to show him where his eyes are too, but he never seemed to quite "get it". Then the last two days that I've walked into his room to get him up (either in the morning or after a nap) and greeted him with the standard "HI" that I usually do, he has very carefully pointed to his eye and said "eye"!!! He also did the same today when Alan walked through the door and said "HI". As my dad said, I guess we better start saying "Hello" instead!!! Pretty cute, I think!!!

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Shana said...

So funny, you just never know what they are picking up!