Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We spent our 4th of July weekend painting our kitchen and family room. I have HATED the walls since the day we moved in and it actually irritated more and more the longer we were here. I would say the "color" was like a dirty cement or something equally as unpleasant!!  SO, I decided since Alan had an extra day off from work we should use that time wisely because I know we won't have much time to do stuff like this once we bring Emily home!! LOL 

I had wanted to use the same color that my cousin had used, which was called Buffed, however when I went to HD to get the paint I found out that it was no longer available unless you had something you could color match. So, I found some paint swatches I liked and taped them to walls.  Alan and I finally decided on one we liked...... until I painted some patches on different wall areas and we had a few days to look at them!!! So, I went back to HD and tried one called Peanut Butter and slapped that on the walls next to the other colors for comparison. We both definitely liked this better, although I was still a bit unsure we decided to take the plunge and boy, am I GLAD we did!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! It TOTALLY warms up the room and brings it into this century!!! LOL Now the only thing left to do is get some window treatments...UGH!!!! :-)

Kitchen "before" and you can see the 3 different colors we were testing.

Family room "before"

A large area of "testing" to make sure we liked it

Brady was a BIG help!!!

Kitchen "after"

Family room "after"

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Shana said...

WOW! What a difference! Looks great! I love color as well!