Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dad's Day with the Kids

A few weekends ago, I got to have a Girls Day Out, which meant Alan had Brady all day long!!! He and one of the other husbands, Mark, got all the boys together and made a day of it!!! I think it was a win win for all involved!!! The boys(all ages) had a great time hanging out and playing and the girls had a fun day of shopping, eating and seeing The Proposal!!! I'm ready to plan to next one already!!! LOL

The boys first stop, bowling!!! Brady is still talking about it!!! LOL

a little tree climbing at a music festival in the evening

Brady and Mark horsing around

The boys being cute!

More climbing!!

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Shana said...

Good for you for having a Mommy's day! I always laugh because every Mommy's day I have Kevin somehow plans to hang out with other parents. I think it is so that he has "back up". LOL!