Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Last Wednesday Margi, Kristi and I took all the kids to see *Curious George* at the movie theater!! One of the big chains offers free movies every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer and I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to see if Brady could "handle" going to the movies. I am happy to report that he did remarkably well especially considering that we had to first wait in line, then had to sit in our seats for at least 30 minutes before the movie actually started!!! The popcorn and fruit punch definitely helped, but nonetheless, I'm VERY proud of him!!!

Poor thing isn't heavy enough to hold the seat down and he didn't want me to hold it down with my hand so he was sitting a "V"!!! (you can see Blake and Ty down the row)

POPCORN!!!!! I know it looks like he was watching the movie here, but he's just watching the adds!!! LOL

An attempt to get everyone in the picture!!! Brady was definitely happy with his popcorn!!!


Karin and Rob said...

How cute that you got pictures of Brady's first time at the movies! I'm so impressed that he sat through that whole movie. Ryan has the DVD and it seems long -- I don't think I've ever sat through the whole thing myself!

Shana said...

Great job Brady! I tried the same free movie thing here and the girls did well but Kyan just wanted to be up and out of his seat the whole time. We almost made it through the whole movie though, not bad.