Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Brady really seems to like cooking and often imitates me while I cook dinner, so this past Friday I thought it would be fun to make pizza at home!! I went to the store and got some *boboli* crusts and the toppings of choice....pepperoni for Brady and veggie for me (Alan will eat anything so he didn't really care!!). As you can see by the pictures Brady LOVED it and I have to say as I make this entry on Tuesday, Brady and I actually made pizza again tonight because he asked to!!!! I apologize for amount of pictures to this entry, but there are two reasons for that; first he was just SO cute and proud of himself, and SO very focused that I couldn't decide what to cut out and second, after 2+ years of having the blog, I just figured out how to have more than 5 pictures on one post!!!! LOL

getting ready to start

starting with the cheese

"this is fun"!!


on to the pepperoni

this was a very precise process and each pepperoni had to be place "just so"

see, I told you he was focused....now he's using 2 hands to get it in the right place!!

he asked to put peppers on the pizza (he loves to eat them raw), but as you can see (barely) he only put ONE on the entire pizza!!! LOL

now on to the second pizza


adding the peppers

we also added mushrooms, black olives and onions

like any good chef, he had to try some of the ingredients!!

getting ready to cut the finished pizzas!!!


Kathy said...


Is there someway to upload pictures other than doing them one at a time? Any idea?

Katie said...

Very cute! I like the kitchen paint too!

Karin and Rob said...

Looks like Chef Brady really enjoyed making pizza! I'm going to copy that idea with Ryan!

Joe and Jane said...

Oh, I sense a future chef with mommy! Way to go Brady!

Shana said...

Yum!! So cute!