Thursday, July 16, 2009


We received an email from our agency letting us know that Emily's Court Hearing will be on August 12th!!!! Interestingly, this is 2 years and 6 days after Brady's Court Hearing, which means there's a VERY GOOD chance that we will travel before the end of the year to pick up Emily!! It's SO hard to say how the courts will move, but seeing as how our dossier (paperwork) only got to Taiwan on June 29th, I was quite surprised to already be notified of a court date. 

For comparison, here is how we moved along in the courts with Brady:

Dossier arrived in Taiwan on 6/1/07
Hearing Date on 8/6/07
First Ruling on 8/22/07
Final Ruling on 9/14/07
Gotcha Day on 10/1/07

SO, if by chance we get/got the same judge we had last time we could certainly be traveling in October or early November to meet Emily!!!! OH how I want her home for Christmas!!!!!

FYI, Mom and might not be going on that cruise you have booked for October!!!! Or maybe you'll be coming directly here once you get off the ship!!!


Robin said...

Yippee!!! So happy to hear the news. I hope she is home for Christmas too.

Katie said...

Great news Beth! Hopefully the courts move quickly.

Mike said...

Congratulations Beth! We hope the courts move quickly for you!

Mike & Sue

Shana said...

Yeah! Such great news! Come on fast judge, bring Emily home!