Thursday, September 30, 2010


I signed Brady and Emily up for gymnastics and we started classes on Monday, September 13th and they both LOVED it!!! Brady is in his first class that I am not participating with him and I'm happy to say he's doing awesome!! Emily's class was a different story is advertised as "walkers to 3", but OMG half of the things she couldn't do or didn't have the dexterity or whatever to do and by the end of that first class I was sweating up a storm!!! LOL. As luck (?) would have it, I was scheduled to have surgery to repair a torn ACL on September 16th so I asked if I could "defer" her to the next session because I hadn't realized just how much I'd have to help her do everything and by the time the next session starts she'll be 18months+ so that should help too. They were very nice about it and said it would be no problem!!! So for now, Brady's the only one having fun, but come November Emily and I will be back doing front roll overs and climbing things too!!

this is called a "Spiderman Walk"

they hang on this bar and then drop into a pit of foam

they get to slide into the foam too!

they are supposed to cross this bar by doing a hand over hand movement

walking across the parallel bars

the balance beam

his dismount!! :-)


Nikola Kežić said...

Cool! Nice regards from Croatia!

Shana said...

So cool!Love the action shots! I am sure Emily will forgive you for missing gymnastics for awhile. Glad you are recovering well! So, is Brady our next Olympian?

Stefanie said...

That is pretty impressive!!! Brady looks like a natural :-)