Monday, September 20, 2010

Meadowlark Gardens

The other weekend we went to Meadowlark Gardens which is a botanical garden about 30 minutes from our house and it's truly a hidden gem!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside to begin with, but being in a place that was so pretty and quiet, we couldn't help but enjoy ourselves. We probably only saw 1/4 of the place so I know we'll be going back. They have a really cute children's garden area with kidsize furniture and things to play on too! It's also a great place to take pictues, so I apologize for the amount I posted, but we actually got quite a few good ones so it was hard to choose!!

my little "poser"

Emily loves being in the backpack carrier!!!

part of the children's garden

the tea garden in the children's area (those are giant tea cups and a tea pot)

Brady performing, as always!!

Brady was counting to 10 while playing hide and seek

now he's off to find the hider!


Stefanie said...

LOVE all the pictures! Emily looks like a professional backpacker ;-) Brady has such a great smile!

Shana said...

Love, love, love the family pic!