Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For the past 2 months, if not longer, Brady has been talking about going to Canada!! We're not really sure where he even heard/learned about Canada but we have two, Canada is mentioned in a song that we listen to fairly often (the name of course is escaping me at the moment) and the second is his talking globe, but with Brady, who knows!! LOL This trip he is planning on taking is quite important to him and he seems to have it all mapped out. He talks about "paperwork" that needs to be done before he goes; he says he'll have to wear dress socks and that he's going to work in a building like daddy; he has two backpacks packed and ready to go; he says he'll miss us and that he wants us to visit; he talks about the food he'll eat and who will be cooking it; he says he's taking an airplane to get there; he says he'll need to take an extra bag for all the stuff he plans on buying and I'm sure there are a million other things that I can't remember at this particular moment!!! One day last week he came in our room and woke me up saying excitedly, "guess what today is"? I answered, "I don't know" and he then said, "It's CANADA DAY"!!!

Needless to say, Alan and I are wondering if we need to put Canada on next year's vacation list!!


Martina Gallo said...

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Stefanie said...

Beth, that is absolutely hilarious!!! Canada, of all places! Yes, if you can swing it at all I think you should definately plan a trip up north next year :-)