Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Falls Park

Last weekend we went to Great Falls Park. It was pretty much an excuse for me to play around with my "big" camera, but we also had fun "hiking" along the rocks. The park is SO pretty this time of year and it's pretty common to see families taking Christmas card pictures.... so yes, some of these will be on our cards this year too!! LOL

Surprisingly, Emily really loved riding in the backpack carrier

the look on her face here cracks me up!

Brady and the falls

time for some silliness

more silliness....I think Emily is copying me doing the same thing to Alan to get them to smile!! LOL

this is the spot where Alan proposed to me on Dec 5, 1999 (the kids were NOT impressed by this fact)

our little poser...he asked Alan to take this picture

a game of hide and seek


Joe and Jane said...

Love the shot of them holding hands. It is too sweet!

Joanna B said...

Brady has the best smile, and I totally love Emily's cheeks! So precious!

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